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Goofs from Wonder Wheel

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  • When Justin Timberlake is on his lifeguard stand talking to Kate Winslet, a modern tanker boat cruises by in the distance.
  • The ticket taker saying to Carolina in the beginning " have a good one" was not said in the 50's.
  • On Mickey's white hat, his last name and last 4 digits of his Social Security Number are shown stenciled on it. Back then, Social Security Numbers were not used as identification for Military members. All that would have been stenciled on his white hat would be his last name and first/middle initials.
  • At least two references are made to "body language", a term that was not commonly used (perhaps, not even invented) until the 1971 book of the same name by Julius Fast. Some psychologists of the 1950s used the then-new word, "kinesics", to describe non-verbal communication that later became known as "body language".
  • The fire hydrant that is across from the Cyclone was only put into use within the past 20 to 30 years.
  • In the street scene near the elevated train there is an older type fire hydrant which has an anti-tamper top that was not used until the 1990's.
  • The benches on the boardwalk were the new type which were installed a few years ago after they repaired the boardwalk.
  • The bathroom on the boardwalk was modernized a few years back. This is not how it would have looked at the time period of this movie.
  • The Chinese Scholar's Garden in Staten Island did not open until 1999.
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