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Goofs from Victoria and Abdul

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  • Victoria said she was ruler of "nearly a billion people". The English language adopted this Americanism for 1000 million only in the 1990s.
  • When Victoria takes her household and family to visit the Karim Family in their cottage at Osborne, the Queen introduces her granddaughter Sophie as the Queen of Greece. Sophie did not become Queen of Greece until 1913.
  • When Abdul returns to India, he is seen in Agra (Accra) visiting the statue of Queen Victoria. The statue he visits, is in Kolkata (Calcutta). There is no statue of Queen Victoria in Agra.
  • Victoria said she was "Morbidly Obese". That term was not coined until the 1990s.
  • At the first dinner, we can see the servers holding trays of soup standing behind the diners. Then the boy runs to the kitchen to announce they want the soup course. We see the waiters bringing trays of soup into the dining room then they cut to that same scene of the waiters standing behind the diners with the same trays of soup.
  • In one scene in the movie Queen Victoria tells Abdul that she is the longest reigning monarch in the world. This is not correct. Until Queen Elizabeth II overtook her she was the longest reigning monarch in British history, but the longest reigning monarch was French King Louis XV who reigned for over 70 years.
  • Abdul at least twice refers to his home province as "Uttar Pradesh". That name was coined in 1950, in the respective period the area was known as "United Provinces".
  • At the start we hear a call to prayer (adhan) with a loudspeaker which did not yet exist in 1887.
  • In the beginning, when Abdul is called in the governor's office, a world map hanging on the wall behind the desk is visible, depicting the territories of the British Empire. The map is actually from 1915 and doesn't reflect the empire's territorial extent in 1887, when the scene takes place in the movie.
  • Queen Victoria was told, "But mangoes only grow in India". Actually, mangoes grow in all tropical and subtropical countries.
  • When Victoria and Abdul were riding in a carriage, it starts to snow, despite the fact that all the trees were still in full leaf. In the next shot, all the trees are bare.
  • When Victoria died, her oldest grandchild, The Kaiser, was wearing a German uniform. In those days he and most all royals went to great lengths to dress in honorary uniforms of the host country. He would have been in civilian clothes or a British uniform.
  • In the late 1800's the burqa was the white one piece "shuttlecock" type not the black multi layer (but that would have impaired the scenes seeing small parts of Mrs Karim). The white "shuttlecock " would have allowed different sight gags.
  • At the beginning of the film, Major Bigge is introduced as a member of the royal house of Windsor. The Windsor name was not actually used until 1917.
  • During the train ride, Victoria's son "Bertie" claims to be 57 years old. This could not be because he was born in 1841, and the film is supposed to be happening during her 50th year of reign, 1887.
  • Victoria says that she is the longest-reigning monarch in history. At the time the film takes place, Bernhard VII of the German State of Lippe was the longest-reigning monarch in history (August 12, 1429 - April 2, 1511 -- 81 years, 234 days). As a member of the German royal House of Hanover, Victoria would most-surely have known of Bernhard.
  • Private secretary to the Queen Sir Henry Ponsomby, played in the movie by Tim Pigott-Smith, actually died in 1895, predeceasing Queen Victoria by 6 years. But the movie has him around at the time of Queen Victoria's death in 1901.
  • Queen Victoria says she's the longest-reigning monarch in history. What she should have said was that she was (at the time) the longest-reigning monarch in British or English history.
  • Even though this film takes place during Victoria's golden jubilee as Queen in 1887 Victoria is last seen on her death bed with her family including the Kaiser by her bedside which was not until January 1901. It is most likely however that most of the film was set in 1887 before the end of the film takes place in 1901.
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