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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Movie Poster

Goofs from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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  • At the beginning of the movie, when the mother is driving by the billboards, and then backing up, and then going forward again, the head above the driver's headrest changes height from where the actual actress' head reaches - driving double.
  • In a scene near the end of the film that takes place in the Town Pump Tavern, Crop Haired Guy and Pal are sitting in a booth having bottles of beer. The label on their beer is from the Duck Rabbit Brewing Company which is not distributed outside of the North Carolina area where this movie was shot. This beer is not available in Missouri.
  • When Dixon is at home lying on the sofa and talking to his mother, he has a sandwich in his hands but on the next shot he only has a piece of ham.
  • In the final scene as Mildred is leaving Robbie's room, he has Xbox 360 games on top of his TV but a PS3 controller.
  • The green locomotive that passes in the background has the logo of GSMR for the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad ( in North Carolina. This railroad does not go through Missouri.
  • There are no mountains in Missouri like those in the film. Even in the Ozarks deep in southern Missouri, the mountains are much rounder.
  • Dental drills are operated by a foot pedal. The dentist could have easily let go of the pedal and prevent her from drilling into his nail.
  • In the scene at the school where a student throws a drink can on to Mildred's windshield, the windshield is clean in the next cut.
  • After Dixon tells Mildred that the DNA sample wasn't a match, she says that "she was glad to have had hope for a day" (or words to that effect). DNA comparison tests take several months to complete. '
  • It would have taken Dixon many months to recover from burns. Yet he is is bar a week or so after fire in police station when McDermond is having dinner with midget.
  • When the mail assistant hands Red the envelope of money she is heard talking but when the camera pans to her she is not moving her lips.


  • The grass where Angela's body was would not be black, it would be green almost a year later like all the other grass around it.
  • When the police station is torched, the person who would be a prime suspect is approached by the new chief. The chief asks one question, he gets an answer and corroboration from one person, and the matter is dropped. Any rookie police officer would find gasoline odors on the suspect's hands within 10 seconds and felony charges would soon follow.
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