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Goofs from The Stray

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  • When Parker gets up to get off the bus, his shoelaces are tied together. Seconds later, the shoes have no shoelaces.
  • When Mitch is carrying Pluto, it's obviously not Pluto.
  • The blood on Mitch changes.
  • Mitch's burn marks change multiple times.
  • 41 minutes in to the movie you see Mitch turning the music on a car audio Pioneer MIXTRAX model. Which you can see it has blue-tooth symbol and USB plug on it. That definitely was not around in 1991 as the movie is set in.
  • During the driving scene while discussing Cat Stevens you can see the rear windows of the car alternate between closed, then part open as the camera cuts back and forth between the characters in the front seat and back seat.
  • In the rolling cast credits at the end of the film the name of the animal actor (Shiloh) and the character being played (Pluto) have accidentally been reversed.
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