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  • This film was announced back in 2008.
  • The film was originally titled "The Strangers 2."
  • Director Johannes Roberts also directed 47 Meters Down (2017), which went on to become the highest-grossing indie film of it's release year.
  • Bryan Bertino (the original writer and director of The Strangers) has no involvement with the film besides writing the original screenplay for The Strangers: Prey At Night.
  • Before the script was re-written, Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) from the first film was going to return for only for the opening scene, where she would be killed.
  • Lewis Pullman is Bill Pullman's son.
  • Members of the horror podcast Night of the Living Podcast can be seen sitting at a table in the background of the diner scene filmed at Fillmore's Dairy Hut.
  • The primary setting for the film is Gatlin Lake. Gatlin is also the name of the town in Stephen King's Children of the Corn.
  • When Kinsey is trying to escape Dollface in the cop car, Dollface knocks on the window and waves the car keys. This scene pays homage to the 1996 classic slasher film "Scream."
  • A couple scenes in the beginning were located in Northern Kentucky. You can see the Cincinnati skyline and the families house and there was a scene in front of Filmores dairy hut in Florence, Kentucky.
  • Out of the three killers, Pin Up Girl is the only one that doesn't kill anyone throughout the entire runtime.
  • The Man In The Mask is the only killer to not have any lines of dialogue.
  • The director admittedly doesn't like slasher movies or home invasion movies.


  • Was rumored to take place in a seemingly abandoned trailer park, with the plot following a family of four, running into the three masked strangers, but the plot has now been changed to a family in a vacation.
  • Early in the film, Kinsey and Luke are talking about how she could barely pick up a bat to play baseball. During the climax, she kills the Man in the Mask with a baseball bat.
  • When Kinsey is being chased at the end, she jumps at the back of a car. This scene is an obvious tribute to the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
  • The scene where dollface is waving the keys in front of Kinsey in the car, it is a reference to Scream (1996) when ghostface does the same to Sidney
  • Despite getting top billing in the credits, Christina Hendricks's character Cindy is the first of the four main characters to die. She gets killed approximately 34 minutes into the film.
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