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  • Winner of the Palme D'Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.
  • Won the Palme d'Or top prize at the Cannes film festival 2017.
  • The incident where Christian's cell phone is stolen is based on the real life experience of director Ruben Östlund, whose friend was robbed in a similar way.
  • Winner of the Parm Door at the Cairns Movie Show.
  • Minor edits were made to finalize the film after its Cannes premiere.
  • The PR agency guys are played by art director Daniel Hallberg and copywriter Martin Sööder at King, Stockholm.
  • Anna-Stina Malmborg and Gunnar Höglund play themselves as two major art collectors and long-term donors in the art world of Stockholm.
  • The preliminary study of "The Square" was "Rutan" (The Square), an exhibition at Vandalorum in Värnamo, Sweden, in spring 2015, where director Ruben Östlund and film producer Kalle Boman wanted to examine the trust we feel towards each other. Pictures from the exhibition are included in the film.
  • Terry Notary portrays the ape-man "Oleg" in the film. The Russian artist Oleg Kulik was invited to the international group exhibition "Interpol" at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden. At the opening, the vernissage, Kulik performed like a dog. He glittered, jumped up, rolled and even bit the VIP crowd in their legs. Kulik said he acted as a representative of the browbeaten Russian people, who now attacked and bit back. The crowd became so scared and enraged that they called for the police. In "The Square" there is a similar, charged and offensive scene, but here the performance artist acts like a monkey.
  • In the film there is a monkey seemingly busy creating art. This refers to an old practical joke. An alleged self-taught French avant-garde artist, Pierre Brassau, appeared at an art exhibition in Gothenburg in 1964. A series of art connoisseurs were tricked by this intentional experiment. It was the chimpanzee Peter from Borås Zoo that had created the "spontanist painting", and the brain behind it was a gallerist and a journalist who were reported to be a police officer for fraud.
  • Sweden's submission to the Foreign Language Film Award of the 90th Annual Academy Awards.
  • Terry Notary who plays an ape-like character in the movie is also known for playing the ape 'Rocket' from the rebooted Planet of the Apes Trilogy.
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