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The Snowman Movie Poster

Quotes from The Snowman

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    • [from the trailer]
    • Katrine Bratt: I've read your case files in college
    • Harry Hole: They date back that far?
    • [from the trailer]
    • Katrine Bratt: I think it's the falling snow that sets the killer off
    • Katrine Bratt: Cutting things up that's what a child does to maintain order
    • [from the trailer]
    • Mathias Lund-Helgesen: You could save them you know... gave you all the clues and everything.
    • [bellowing at the snowman]
    • Harry Hole: COME ON!
    • Harry Hole: Are you all right?
    • Rakel: Kill... kill him!
    • Harry Hole: I need a case... to work on.
    • Gunnar Hagen: I apologize for Oslo's low murder rate.
    • [speaking to the crowd]
    • Arve Stop: When I was a boy, the only winter sports I engaged in were the uphill snow shovel, and the 50-meter firewood carry.
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