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Goofs from The Snowman

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  • Harry's last name is consistently mispronounced throughout the film. As per the books, the correct pronunciation resembles the English word "holy".
  • The different snowmen throughout the movie change between camera shots. There is no story connection to the changes being made.
  • In the finale, padding is visible on the inside of the duct tape covering the characters' mouths.
  • Near the end when Hole has figured out who the killer is, he calls his police detail to have them track a cell phone signal, they come back with not just a location but the color and model of the car the phone is traveling in.
  • When Birte and Josephine Becker are texting each other in the beginning of the film, we see that Birte has received several messages from her daughter. In the shot immediately after, we see Josephine typing the messages which Birte had already received seconds earlier. In the following shot, we see Josephine's messages pop up on Birte's phone. In the first shot of Birte's phone, Josephine's messages had not been sent, yet they were briefly visible on Birte's phone.
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