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Goofs from The Peanuts Movie

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  • At one point Snoopy determines which way the wind is blowing by dropping a handful of grass. The grass is carried away by the wind, but the snowflakes fall straight down as if there is no wind.
  • Charlie's hands get covered in ink while writing his book report. He then wipes his hands on his shirt creating the characteristic zig zag pattern. However, in all subsequent shots the pattern disappears and his shirt is again a solid color with no pattern.
  • The Red Baron's triplane lacks the Iron Cross symbols that the real plane had.
  • When Charlie Brown goes to bed after writing his book report, while he is getting into bed we can see some notes beside his window sill. However, when Sally comes in and wakes him a few seconds later, the notes have vanished.
  • During the dance scene where no one was dancing, Peppermint Patty was among the group of girls, then when Charlie Brown opened the door, she reappears along with Marcie, holding the fruit punch.
  • Linus is a year younger than Lucy and Charlie Brown, and would not have been in the same class as them. This is because he skipped a grade, which was not an uncommon practice when the comics were written.
  • Charlie Brown writes 1,000 words for his book report but when we see his book report it's only two pages, which is way too little to hold 1,000 words.
  • The Red Baron plane seems to have no pilot. This is in keeping with the practice of the comic strips to never show adults. Also, the plane appears in a fantasy sequence.
  • In the comic strip, Peppermint Patty and Marcie go to a different school than Charlie Brown.
  • Charlie Brown is forcefully towed by his kite across the frozen lake, even though there is zero wind (as shown by the gently falling snow flakes). However this is essentially in keeping with the style of how snow was drawn in the original animation and comics, and may be a deliberate choice by the filmmakers.
  • At the summer fair, Charlie Brown gets in the way of Violet in one of the games. She remarks with Lucy's voice.
  • When the little red-haired girl's pencil falls on the floor it rolls in a straight line between the desks towards the back of the room. As it has a wider section on the end, it should roll in a curve.
  • When Charlie Brown is learning to dance using the foot markers laid down by Snoopy, he counts; "1, 2, 3, 4" but as he says "4" he puts his left foot down on the marker that says "3". Of course this is what we'd expect from Charlie Brown ...
  • While Snoopy traverses the Christmas lights in Peppermint Patty's window, she says "Yeah chuck, your crazy dog is over here again!" over the phone, contradicting the running gag in the comic strip, TV specials, and movies (including this one!) that she believes Snoopy is a "funny looking kid with a big nose" rather than a dog.
  • Snow falls during the ice skating scene at the beginning of the movie, but there's blue skies and not enough clouds in order to produce snow.
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