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Goofs from The Mountain Between Us

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  • There should have been steam rising from the urine when she used the basin to relieve herself.
  • When the pilot suffers a stroke, Alex [Kate Winslet] is behind the pilot on the left side of the plane and Ben [Idris Elba] is on the right side behind the co-pilot seat. They both face the rear of the plane and brace for impact as the plane crashes. When they wake up after the crash they have switched sides: Ben is on the left side and Alex is on the right.
  • The camera that Alex uses is a Leica M4-P made from 1980 to 1986 and is a 35mm film camera. At the beginning of the movie the camera has image review, a feature not found on film cameras and it also has auto focus capabilities something not found on a Leica M4-P. By the end of the movie the camera is back to a normal Leica M4-P with a roll of film and a developing scene.
  • During the film Alex shoots with a Leica M4-P camera, which is a 35 mm camera. At the end of the movie when she is developing the pictures in the darkroom, she is looking at medium format negatives, which usually are 60 x 60 mm.
  • Two Leica cameras are used. First the Leica M Monochrom (digital) camera with a Summarit 75mm lens, a short telephoto lens. But as it is a rangefinder camera you will not be able to see the magnification of the lens through the finder, on the opposite, the finder has a slight widening effect. When we see the blinking light in the valley through the finder of the camera, there is a focusing effect that does not exist with a Leica M camera and the image we see is zoomed in, which is impossible (except from the rear LCD screen). We also miss the focusing area, so specific for this camera. Just after the moment Alex/Kate W. sees the blinking, she hands over the camera to Ben/Idris E. But in this next shot the camera suddenly changed into a Leica M4-P (film) camera. You can also see this because of the different camera strap. After they made love, Alex/Kate W. starts to take photo's of Ben/Idris E. with the Leica M4-P camera, which is not so strange, because after almost 3 weeks the battery of the digital Leica M will be exhausted already for a long time. But no matter what Leica M lens she uses (in this case I think it is a Voigtl?nder 25mm), it is not possible to make a sharp focused picture from this close distance. The smallest focusing distance with these lenses is 0,7 meters (or non-rangefinder coupled 0.5 meters). And then there is of course the problem with the medium format negatives, as mentioned above.
  • 1hour 18 minutes and 48 seconds into the movie Idris Elba comes into the cabin and calls Alex 'Kate'
  • Walter mentioned being a fighter pilot for the 48th at RAF Mildenhall. Although the fighter planes are assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing, that is at RAF Lakenheath not Mildenhall.
  • When a plane loses its tail section it will not continue flying level and straight, as the plane in the film does before crashing.
  • Mountain lions are stalk and ambush predators requiring heavy vegetation in which to hide, and so would not wander around above the treeline.
  • The same actor dining alone during Ben and Alex's final meeting in the restaurant can be seen dining alone outside when they say goodbye on the sidewalk.
  • When Ben pulls Alex from the frozen lake, the knit cap she's been wearing is gone; it has come off in the water. Later when they set out again she is wearing the hat.
  • For the aircraft model depicted, a Piper Navajo, the engine noise inside in the cabin during flight is way too silent for cruise situation. There would be either no possibility that, without headphones, they could listen to each other talking in normal voice or that the pilot, who happens to be wearing headphones, could have overheard the passenger's conversation about London.


  • Concerning aviation, there are several mistakes that affect the plot's credibility. 1) Though not required by current FAA regulations, it is strongly recommended to file a flight plan on non-IFR flights - even more so when the route leads over mountainous terrain. Typically, 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival, search and rescue will begin along the planned route. 2) While severe weather is grounding airlines, a small charter plane - incapable of flying over weather fronts to begin with - is good to fly. 3) Almost all aircraft in the U.S. carry an ELT, a radio signal beacon which allows search aircraft as well as satellites to pick up the signal. If a crash is survived by some passengers, the chance is very, very high that the ELT remains in a functioning state. However, as it is the duty of the pilot to make the appropriate choices regarding the flight plan and the weather (and to have the ELT periodically checked), the events in the film are still possible.
  • When Ben goes back to the UK, he is wearing a lab coat at the hospital. In the UK doctors do not wear lab coats to reduce chances of infection.
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