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The Hurricane Heist Movie Poster

Quotes from The Hurricane Heist

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    • Will: We're about to get crushed by the biggest storm of the century!
    • [Breeze unveils a hidden stash of guns]
    • Will: What in the hell?
    • Breeze: Well, I *am* a citizen of Alabama!
    • Casey: I'm out of bullets!
    • Will: Well how'd that happen?
    • Casey: I shot them all!
    • Dixon: Fate works in crazy ways, like when I was sitting in a bar on my own, bitching about my lot in life, and right next to me was another man doing the same thing.
    • Perkins: What are you telling me this for? I was there, you idiot!
    • Perkins: Stick with me and I'll bonus you all at twenty million apiece. Don't mind partners but I do hate witnesses.
    • Will: Red sky at night...
    • Casey: They teach you that in PhD school?
    • Will: Yes ma'am.
    • Rice: Money is honey
    • Casey: I hate old money. Been up too many noses and down too many G-strings.
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