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  • Nick Cassavetes was offered to direct.
  • In February 2016, two reports were made to the London Metropolitan Police about a "terrorist attack" made on the Lambeth bridge, after many local citizens were not told about a controlled stunt explosion made on a double decker bus for this film.
  • The film reunited Director Martin Campbell with Pierce Brosnan, after working together on GoldenEye (1995). This is also the second time Campbell worked with Cinematographer David Tattersall, after Vertical Limit (2000).
  • First movie directed by Martin Campbell in six years. His previous film was Green Lantern (2011).
  • Based on the book "The Chinaman" (1992) by Stephen Leather.
  • Both Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan have separately starred in two versions of "Around the World in 80 Days." Brosnan was in the 1984 TV series and Chan in the 2004 movie.
  • Both Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan have starred in different adaptations of "Around the World in 80 Days." Chan appeared in the 2004 theatrical film while Brosnan starred in the 1989 TV mini-series.
  • Roadshow Films, the film's Australian distributor, dumped the local release, only putting the pic out in 17 cinemas in most major cities, thus the movie opened in its premiere weekend only on 12th place.
  • Martin Campbell's first film shot digitally.
  • This is Jackie Chan's second appearance in a movie with a former James Bond. Cannonball Run included Jackie and Roger Moore.
  • Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan both have starred in two seperate versions of "Around the World in 80 Days." Brosnan n the 1984 TV series and Chan in the 2004 movie.
  • Despite the change from the novel's original title of "The Chinaman", Quan is still referred to as such 6 times in the film.
  • -The filming in London of a scene involving the explosion of a bus on Lambeth Bridge caused widespread alarm, as people were not aware that it was a stunt.
  • -This marked the first time in which Brosnan starred in a film directed by Martin Campbell since the 1995 film GoldenEye.
  • Liam Hennessy ([link=nm0000112]) is clearly based on Irish politician [


  • Quan only kills the IRA members involved with the bombing that killed his daughter, not any of Hennessey's men that try to stop him. He also doesn't kill the only female member, Maggie, who is instead killed by the police.
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