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Goofs from The Foreigner

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  • In beginning of movie when Quan's daughter gets in his car, he is wearing his seat belt. While driving neither one of them is wearing a seat belt. When they stop, they are both wearing seat belts.
  • You can see the Irish Setter sniffing the hand of Hennesy's man as they are walking on the farm. Then when Hennesy takes a call the dog follows him and get a treat to follow him. You can see the dog wagging his tail and chewing as he nudges the guy's hand again.
  • When Quan is at the police station, the bundle of money moves around in different shots.
  • After Liam hits the send button on the phone when Quan makes him, the dialog doesn't go away, as you see from he side seconds later.
  • During the SO15 brief it is stated that O'Reilly is 29 and served 2 months in Hydebank 3 years ago making him 26 at the time. Hydebank is a young offenders centre and only houses men between the ages of 18 and 21.
  • The exploding laptop at the airport is pure Hollywood special effects and over dramatization. The destructive force of a bomb depends on the shape of the charge and how the explosive material is packed and tamped. A bomb concealed in a laptop battery, due to its flattened shape, would have caused negligible damage to the plane and mostly just to the passenger in whose lap the computer was sitting. It would be completely impractical to assassinate a planeload of dignitaries.
  • Quan Ngoc Minh is supposed to be 61 but his special forces file shows his date of birth as being 1941. This would have made him 76, not 61. This would also have meant that his wife, of the same age, would have been 61 when she conceived Fan. This is most likely an oversight by the team that composed said file.
  • Except for a few, including Quan's Ford Mondeo and Toyota Hiace, the rest of the vehicles are depicted using an incorrect registration format. They use the "suffix" format (AAA 123A), which was superseded in 1983. Although it is permissible to register a vehicle with a number first issued before the car was made, it is highly unlikely that so many cars would have that style of 'cherished' plates and some include the letter Z that was not used.


  • During the fight scene in the bombers' flat, a corner window can be seen. One of the windows has the blinds closed and another has them partially open. When the counter terrorist team is watching from across the street they are looking at a single window flat in the middle of the building - not a corner unit. Maggie closes the blinds and the commander reports loss of visual contact.
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