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  • Willem Dafoe spent a week living in the filming area before production in order to immerse himself in the life of the characters & master the nuances of the regional dialect.
  • In the original script, Willem Dafoe's character Bobby was meant to have a brother who helped out at the hotel. However, as filming progressed, the parent-child relationship theme manifested itself more clearly, and the decision was made for him instead to have a son. Caleb Landry Jones was cast only two weeks prior to shooting his scenes.
  • The Florida Project was an early development name for Disney World.


  • While the majority of the film was shot on 35mm film, director Sean Baker admitted to returning to his "guerrilla filmmaking techniques" to capture the final scene, which was instead shot on an iPhone and contains footage from inside Walt Disney World, filmed without the park's knowledge or consent.
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