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Goofs from The Commuter

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  • The "Hudson North" commuter train was a veiled representation of the actual Metro North trains than run from Grand Central Station in New York City to Westchester County. These trains go directly from Grand Central Station and make only 1 stop in Manhattan, 125th St. Mike's train made several stops in Manhattan which could only have been made by the Lexington Avenue subway line before reaching 125th St. In addition there is no commuter train stop at Yankee Stadium (there has been a Metro North station since the opening of the new stadium). At Yankee Stadium the Lexington line is elevated, running to the east of the Stadium, not underground as portrayed in the movie,.
  • Early in the film, Neeson is walking across the main concourse in Grand Central Terminal toward the East gates. Sunlight reflects on the floor through the windows on the east wall. No sunlight has reflected on the concourse floor since the construction next door of the old Commodore hotel in 1929. The old Commodore (now the Grand Hyatt) is actually on the South/East side of Grand Central. The windows on the East side (above the Apple Store) are unobstructed and sun does come through.
  • Hudson Line trains have green paint, Harlem Line blue and New Haven red. At one point the train is on the West side of the Hudson, the Hudson Line runs up the East side of the river.
  • After Neeson is hit on his face a little boy is pointing to his nose because it's bleeding. He takes a tissue and that one is all ready red before cleaning his noise/face.
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