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Goofs from The 15:17 to Paris

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  • A flashback is set in 2005, but a poster for "Letters from Iwo Jima" is seen. The movie came out in December 2006. Materials for the film came out late in 2006, so in reality no items from the film would be available in 2005.
  • A character during the Colosseum scene mentions that in ancient Rome, "thumbs down" meant to kill your opponent in a gladiatorial match. In actuality, "thumbs up" meant to kill your opponent, while "thumbs down" meant do not kill your opponent (literally, put your weapon in the ground).
  • The scene in the German bar was not shot in a German bar, as filming locations on IMDB also state that none of the scenes were filmed in Germany. The text on the menu behind the counter and other signs in the bar had errors in spelling and grammar. And the German bar maid, speaking German first, has a thick English accent. While when she switched to English it was just fine.
  • When the three "heroes" are 12-year olds in elementary school, the movie says it's taking place in 2005. Cut to when they've enlisted, presumably in 2014 or 2015, and a scene shows them watching a real Cal-Tenn college football game. One guy screams "Come on Marshawn!" and they discuss how Cal RB Marshawn Lynch should get the ball more. Marshawn Lynch played his last college game for Cal in 2006.


  • During the struggle on the train, Spencer is slashed on the back of his head, afterward he is covered with blood, yet less than a week later when at the ceremony with the President of France, there is not a scratch or bandage.
  • The stand-in for former French President Fran?ois Hollande at the very end of the movie is very noticeable, especially given the haircut difference.
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