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  • After having acted in four of their movies, this is the first time that George Clooney will direct a Coen Brothers script.
  • Woody Harrelson dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Matt Damon and Oscar Isaac have both appeared in the Bourne franchise.
  • Both Oscar Isaac and Glenn Fleshler starred in A Most Violent Year (2014).
  • Josh Brolin previously worked with the Coen brothers in No Country for Old Men (2007), True Grit (2010) and Hail, Caesar! (2016).
  • This marks the first time George Clooney directs a film in which he does not also have an acting role.
  • The film was originally going to open on November 3, but Paramount moved it forward to October 27.
  • George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac have all previously appeared in films by the Coen Brothers.
  • Josh Brolin was cast in the movie as a baseball coach but his scenes ended up being removed after a test screening. George Clooney admitted that his scenes deflated the tension from the movie and felt badly to remove Brolin from the final cut as he considered the scenes one of the funniest in the entire picture.
  • George Clooney screened this film for famed television writer/producer Norman Lear, no stranger to projects tackling explosive or controversial themes like his series All in the Family (1971). After viewing the movie, Lear told Clooney "This is the angriest film I've ever seen."
  • The Locations Department led by Location Manager Michael J. Burmeister and the Key Department Members consisting of Ken Haber, Brian S. Kalata, Perri Fichtner, Alex Kivlen and Rich Bokides were nominated for the prestigious COLA (California On Location Award) for 'LOCATION TEAM OF THE YEAR - INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILMS' for their work on the films locations bringing to life Levittown in California.
  • Received a "D-" CinemaScore.
  • George Clooney hosted the wrap party December 3, 2016 for the Productions Cast and Crew at The Smokehouse Restaurant in Burbank which his production company is named for and is located across the street from Warner Brothers Studios where the production offices abs stages for the film were located. The host himself narrated for all in attendance a behind the scenes slideshow of the productions activities on set.
  • Had the lowest opening weekend gross of any Paramount film released in over 2,000 theaters.
  • The film had a $25 million budget.
  • Rich Bokides was fired after 2 weeks after having a clash with George Clooney and telling him where to head in.
  • The cartoon on the television a minute before the end of the film is the Oscar winning Gerald McBoing-Boing (1950)
  • The radio drama playing in the kid's room is an episode of Suspense from August 31, 1958 called The Whole Town's Sleeping, based on a short story by Ray Bradbury , narrated by William Conrad and starring Agnes Moorehead.
  • The community and its racial tension is closely based on the true events that occurred in the community of Levittown, PA. The news interviews that appear on TV are from the actual citizens.
  • When the insurance investigator visits, Margaret turns off the TV. She uses a Zenith Flash-Matic, the first wireless TV remote control. It was basically a flashlight with a very narrow beam. You aimed it and one of the four corners of the TV console to trigger a function.


  • This is the second film released in 2017 in which Julianne Moore plays two characters, the other being Wonderstruck (2017).
  • Body count: 7
  • Big Lebowski references: Battle Creek, the name of the military school, also references the TV show 'Branded' which started Chuck Connors. A heavy set man is seen following the protagonist in a blue Volkswagen Beetle at night. The young son, Nicky, props up a board blocking the door to his room by nailing a block to the floor, although the boy gets it correct, where the Dude had it backwards.
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