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  • This is Andy Samberg's sixth animated, theatrical movie. The first five were Space Chimps (2008), two Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies, and two Hotel Transylvania movies.
  • This is Keegan-Michael Key's second animated movie in 2016. He is also in The Angry Birds Movie (2016).
  • Jennifer Aniston's first animated film since The Iron Giant (1999).
  • Kelsey Grammer's eighth movie voice role after Runaway Brain (1995), Anastasia (1997), Toy Story 2 (1999), Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999), Barbie of Swan Lake (2003), Teacher's Pet (2004), and Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (2013).
  • Released theatrically with a LEGO Ninjago movie annoucement short "The Master".
  • This is Stephen Kramer Glickman's (Pigeon Toady) first animated film. Prior to this he was best known for his role as Gustavo Rocque on the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush (2009).
  • The first animated movie from Nicholas Stoller.
  • In addition to being Nicholas Stoller's first animated film, this is also his first film not to be released by Universal Pictures, instead being handled by Warner Brothers Pictures.
  • When Andy Samberg's character says, "cool beans", it is a reference to the "cool beans" scene in Hot Rod (2007).
  • Warner Animation Group's 2nd feature film.
  • Ty Burell's character, Mr. Gardener, is a real estate agent. His character Phil Dunphy in Modern Family (2009) is also a real estate agent.
  • The film's poster bears a sharp resemblance to the Shrek 2 (2004) release poster.
  • When the muscled wolf stands between the other 'walls' of wolves in a split, it is a reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme's signature move.
  • The web address in the movie, "", appears to be a real commercial website unconnected to the movie and NOT some fictitious web address.
  • Andy Samberg's first Warner Bros. film.
  • Andy Samberg and Keegan Michael Key both star in Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015).
  • Keegan Michael Key's second Warner Bros. film after The Lego Movie (2014).
  • From the Studio That Delivered "The Lego Movie".
  • This is the first Warner Animation Group's non-sequel/prequel film.
  • This is the first Warner Animation Group film to be animated feature created by Sony Pictures Imageworks.
  • Brad Bird were considered to direct this film, but replaced Nicholas Stoller.
  • Rob Letterman were considered to direct this film, but replaced Doug Sweetland.
  • Kevin Spacey were considered for the role of Hunter.
  • Bryan Cranston were considered for the role of Henry Gardner.
  • Bill Hader were considered for the role of Junior.
  • Joan Cusack were considered for the role of Sarah Gardner.
  • Anna Kendrick were considered for the role of Tulip.
  • Danny McBride were considered for the role of Beta Wolf.
  • Kenan Thompson were considered for the role of Alpha Wolf.


  • The voices of the baby, the boy in the car and the penguins are not in the credits.
  • When Junior delivers Diamond Destiny to her family, the Gardners, he envisions the infant's future for when she grows older. During the sequence of Junior's envisioning, Diamond Destiny bears a resemblance to two of the major characters, mainly because she bears the same or a similar hairstyle. In the image depicting Diamond Destiny as a skating performer, she bears a striking resemblance to Tulip having a bun similar to Tulip's. This could signify her relation with Tulip. In the image that depicts Diamond Destiny practicing martial arts, she has the same hairstyle as her mother; Sarah does martial arts earlier in the film when she works as a real estate agent.
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