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Goofs from Storks

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  • When Nate puts his envelope in the mail to send to the storks, the envelope/stamps are already canceled.
  • Junior's teeth appear and disappear throughout the movie.
  • After Tulip receives Nate's letter and leaves the room Junior assigns her to, she is caught on the security cameras. When Junior sees Tulips on the security screen while in Hunter's office, Tulip is shown to be crossing the bridge between the Cornerstore building and the baby factory and it is depicted as daylight. However, shortly after Junior leaves Hunter's office, when he is crossing the bridge, it is night.
  • While Pigeon Toady is in the tundra, he encounters what appears to be a baboon. While baboons only live in Africa and Saudi Arabia and not the tundra, the animal in the film is actually a Japanese macaque. While technically not a tundra animal, but native of the forest regions of Japan, macaques use natural hot water springs to bath -as shown in the movie- during Japanese freezing winter temperatures and have been nicknamed "snow monkeys".
  • While Henry and Nate are working together on renovating their house roof, Henry accidentally throws a sledge hammer off the roof. No one climbs down the ladder to retrieve it. Yet, shortly after Henry convinces Sarah that they must bond with their son and Sarah decides to join them in renovating the roof, she grabs the sledge hammer which magically reappears.
  • The tundra wolves have dark fur. Due to the cold climate conditions, their fur should be white.
  • When Nate's dad comes outside to check on Nate, there is a ladder and the third plank is hanging, weakly secured. A moment later, the plank is secured safer without explanation; as Nate and his dad were too busy talking.


  • While it is uncertain how long the letters to the HI department have been sitting in the mail room, all of the couples who receive babies appear to be young couples not older than late 20s to early 30s. A majority of the couples probably would have been in their late 40s to early 50s depending how long it has been since the storks stopped delivering babies and switched to Furthermore, they would probably no longer want or need babies, yet this somehow does not interfere with the "happy ending."
  • Tulip has a tear in her pants at the right knee and also on her shirt at the left shoulder. The tears disappear after the stork flies her to meet her parents.
  • When Jasper takes Tulip to her family's house for the first time, Tulip gives Jasper her iPhone so he can take a video of her meeting her family. After Tulip hesitates to ring the doorbell, when she walks away, Jasper still has her iPhone since she does not take it back from him. She leaves without her iPhone. However, after Tulip finds Junior in Hunter's trap, she takes out her iPhone to order a giant package, and then resend it.
  • When Jasper takes Tulip to meet her family, Tulip gives Jasper her iPhone so he can take a video of her. After Tulip hesitates to ring the doorbell and walks away, Jasper still has her iPhone since she never took it back from him. However, after Tulip finds Junior in Hunter's trap, she uses her iPhone to order and return a package.
  • During the climax, when Junior reactivates the baby manufacturing machine, the first baby to emerge from the machine is naked. The machine's hands diaper this baby. However, when the other babies emerge from the machine they're already wearing diapers.
  • Tulip's family members all recognize her as theirs on sight, even though she has no unique visible qualities linking her to them. As far as they should know, she's just one of thousands or millions of lanky redheads that must exist in the world. Given what we know of her origin story, these people have no obvious logical reason to suspect she even exists.
  • The film fails to address the most basic implications of its premise. Since the storks stopped manufacturing babies, humans must have been reproducing the normal way, yet are okay with switching back at the end. Aren't there essentially two species of human masquerading as one? Can the manufactured people technically even be considered human?
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