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  • As of 2014, Ice Age (2002) and Rio (2011) are the only Blue Sky Studios films to have spawned sequels.
  • This is Don Rhymer's last film as a writer, before his tragic passing.
  • There are roughly 150 Spix's Macaws that make up the giant "2" of the U.S. teaser poster. The number of Spix's Macaws within that formation seems to loosely follow the real-life population of the species left in existence (most of which are kept in captivity around other parts of the world).
  • Janelle Mon?e's participation in the film, owes to a meeting between the singer and Carlos Saldanha at her Rock in Rio (1985) performance in September 2011.
  • Director Carlos Saldanha became interested in casting singer Bruno Mars in his first voice-over role, after seeing him on Saturday Night Live (1975). After working with Mars, he re-wrote his character to make him less "macho", and, after a recording session, had a segment reanimated to fit his singing.
  • Although Eva is portrayed to be a terrible off-key singer, Bebel Gilberto, who voices the character, is actually a very good singer and accomplished musician.
  • In Serbia, Felipe is dubbed by a famous rapper Ajs Nigrutin, and the evil boss is voiced by football player Savo Milosevic.
  • In an earlier written storyboard concept, Fernando, the helpful street urchin from the first Rio (2011), was shown to have been adopted as the son of Linda and Tulio, and would accompany them on their jungle journey, in the process showing his newly specialized skills in field work. Due to pacing reasons, his role was cut down to a cameo at the beginning, where he has clearly aged since the first movie.
  • The boat the characters take up the Amazon River is called "C?u Azul", a translation of Blue Sky, name of the production company.
  • In Rio (2011), after Blu and Jewel escape from the smugglers, Blu can be heard saying "Have you ever heard 'It's a jungle out here'?" In Rio 2, one of the movie's themes is called "It's a Jungle out Here."
  • During the "animal auditions" scene, one talent involves a monkey swinging on a rock, tied to a vine. A reference to the notable "Wrecking Ball" music video of singer Miley Cyrus.
  • When Carla and Bia are channel surfing, there are clips from previous Blue Sky Studio films shown briefly prior to Linda and Tulio's news report: Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and Epic (2013).
  • The anteater Charlie was modeled and named after Charles Chaplin, notably for his mute mannerisms and signature bowler hat.
  • The mustachioed monkey that the chief tree thief carries around, is called an emperor tamarin after German monarch Kaiser Wilhelm II, who bore an amazing resemblance to the creatures.
  • At the talent competition, the mosquitoes perform a small extract from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca.
  • In Rio, when Blu and Jewel meet for the first time, she starts speaking rapidly in Portuguese. But in Rio 2, when she meets her father, they start speaking English right away, even though her father doesn't know that she speaks English to her family.
  • The little capibara at the audition scene who gets swallowed by the big black jaguar, is singing the song "Memory", which, appropriately, comes from the musical "Cats".
  • During the confrontation with the lumberjacks in the forest, one of them asks Linda (Leslie Mann) and Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro) if they are lost, to which Tulio replies "Lost? Lost? No, we are on our honeymoon." Santoro played a supporting character in the series Lost (2004), where he was also stranded with his girlfriend on a forest-covered island.
  • The Brazilian newspaper that the Big Boss throws down on the table at the logging camps reads: Rare Birds in the Amazon - Latest news from Dr. Tulio Monteiro, Ornithologist.
  • When Roberto loses his mind and tells Blu the humans are crazy, he repeatedly said "Polly want a cracker". This is a reference to Nirvana's song "Polly" (1992).
  • Blue Sky Studios' second film to be rated G. The first being Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (2008), (not counting Rio (2011) which is rated PG).
  • The fourth Blue Sky Studios film to be produced in 2.35:1, after Rio (2011), Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and Epic (2013).
  • This is the last Blue Sky Studios film to be composed by John Powell until Ferdinand (2017) released 3 years later.


  • Nigel is first seen reciting passages from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. His "death" at the end involves an attempt to kill a dueling participant via a poison which is ultimately administered to the wrong person, as also happens at the end of Hamlet.
  • George Lopez and Andy Garcia previously starred together in Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008), respectively.
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