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Quotes from Red Sparrow

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    • Dominika Egorova: You sent me to whore school!
    • Matron: The Cold War did not end, it merely shattered into a thousand pieces.
    • Nate Nash: American! American! Don't shoot!
    • Vanya Egorov: Great family, I have.
    • General Korchnoi: She made a fool out of you , Ivan .
    • Matron: Every human being is a puzzle of need. You must become the missing piece, and they will tell you anything.
    • [Have you seen what the state hospitals look like?Rats in the corridors]
    • [Patients lie in their own feces]
    • Vanya Egorov: You are special. You have a gift like me. You see through people. You see them for what they really are. You do this for me, and I'll let you go if that's what you want.
    • Dominika Egorova: But I feel you won't.
    • Vanya Egorov: This is what you are meant to do.
    • Dominika Egorova: Yes, Uncle.
    • Dmitri Ustinov: And what is it you want from me?
    • Dominika Egorova: All I ever wanted was to be a dancer. Ever since I was a small child. And I would take the bus to rehearsal after school. And I would look out of the windows at the people going about their lives. Going to work, half asleep. And I would tell myself, I'm not like them. And I never will be. Because I'm special I want to be special again.
    • Vanya Egorov: You killed me.
    • Dominika Egorova: Didn't I do well, Uncle?
    • Marta: We'll always be their whores. Unless, of course, we have something they want. If I were you I'd find something.
    • Dominika Egorova: Are you a patriot?
    • Nate Nash: No.
    • Dominika Egorova: Why do you do what you do?
    • Nate Nash: It beats selling tires.
    • Dominika Egorova: Have you ever sold tires?
    • Nate Nash: No.
    • Dominika Egorova: Then you can't know, can you?
    • Dominika Egorova: I think one day you will understand.
    • Nate Nash: No, I don't think I will. Some things can't be sacrificed. We don't throw people away.
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