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Quotes from Ratchet and Clank

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    • Cora: Got a long line of citations here. Possession of an illegal gravity repulsor?
    • Ratchet: Oh, that was a misunderstanding. I thought that space pirate was on the level.
    • Brax: Operation of a black market accelerator?
    • Ratchet: Operation is a strong word. It blew up as soon as I turned it on!
    • Cora: Willful disruption of the space-time continuum?
    • Ratchet: THAT is a funny story...
    • Qwark: You're reckless! You're a loose cannon! And you're dangerous! That's MY shtick!
    • Ratchet: Wait! Just gimme a chance!
    • Qwark: Sorry, no time! Galaxy in jeopardy! Get back out there, and remember, you can do anything - as long as you're me! NEXT!
    • Clank: Ratchet, we are clearly not prepared for this. We should have contacted the rangers to warn them of the attack!
    • Ratchet: Haha! Yeah, like they'd know who we are!
    • Clank: But you said they were your friends!
    • Ratchet: ...Whaaaaat? I think you're quoting me out of context.
    • [Playing recording of Ratchet's voice]
    • Clank: The rangers are actually my, uh, friends!
    • Ratchet: Do you record everything I say?
    • [Playing recording of Ratchet's voice]
    • Clank: Do you record everything I say?
    • Qwark: Prepare to be blown away by my epic humility.
    • Grimroth: To be a hero, you don't have to do big things... just the right ones.
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