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Penguins of Madagascar Movie Poster

Goofs from Penguins of Madagascar

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  • When the penguins are trying to rescue the egg, both the snowball that the egg was in and and the snowball that the penguins were in disappear by the time the seals attack them.
  • At many points in the film the penguins change positions when the camera angle changes.
  • Venice has no roads for automobiles. The truck loaded with watermelons would not be in a city accessible only by boat or foot.
  • In Dave's back story, the zoo octopuses need to be in ocean water as in real life. No explanation is given for why the octopuses in the main story can breathe air and live on dry land, which should be an important plot point.
  • When the baby Penguins are trying to rescue the egg, both the Penguins and the egg fall down the same path and then fall when the same snowbank breaks off. But the snowbank shouldn't even be there for the Penguins to land on in the first place.
  • In the BBC One print, instead of the correct 20th Century Fox logo, the Paramount Pictures logo is shown, even though DreamWorks Animation leaves Paramount for 20th Century Fox as distributor in 2012.
  • When the North Wind brings the Penguins to their headquarters, Classified is seen with a cup of Espresso. But after the Penguins finish playing with the chairs, Classified is now holding a pen.
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