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Quotes from Paddington 2

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    • Mary Brown: Mysterious things have been happening all over town.
    • Phoenix Buchanan: Oh yes?
    • Mary Brown: Strange characters turning up at every landmark in that book.
    • Phoenix Buchanan: Are they!
    • [into megaphone]
    • Mr. Curry: We don't want him here.
    • Henry Brown: Of course you don't. You never have! As soon as you set eyes on that bear you made up your mind about him. Well Paddington's not like that. He looks for the good in all of us and somehow, he finds it! It's why he makes friends wherever he goes. And it's why Windsor Gardens is a happier place whenever he's around. He wouldn't hesitate if any of us needed help! So stand aside, Mr. Curry. 'Cause we're coming through.
    • Paddington: Have you ever been fired, Mr. Brown?
    • Henry Brown: Well, no. But, er - Are you, you quite sure you're ready for the workplace, Paddington?
    • Knuckles McGinty: I want those petits fours now!
    • Phoenix Buchanan: Exit bear, pursued by an actor - Ugh!
    • [falls into train car]
    • Knuckles McGinty: I don't do nothing for no one for nothing.
    • Paddington: Aunt Lucy said, if we're kind and polite the world will be right.
    • [laughs]
    • Phoenix Buchanan: Oh very very funny. Anyway! They do say that at Madame Kozlova's all your dreams come true. So, if you had one wish tonight what would it be?
    • Paddington: Oh that's easy. I'd like to get my Aunt Lucy a birthday present.
    • [the crowd all say "Aw."]
    • [quietly]
    • Mary Brown: Darling.
    • Barry the Security Guard: Attention all units: An unusually attractive nun is causing mayhem in the cathedral dome. Activate emergency protocol. Stop that stunning sister!
    • Phoenix Buchanan: But! I do have a little bit of good news that might turn your frown, upside down.
    • Mary Brown: Oh yes?
    • Phoenix Buchanan: It looks - fingers, fingers. Fingers - as though the funding may be coming through for my one-man show.
    • Mary Brown: Oh. Right.
    • Phoenix Buchanan: It's an evening of monologue and song featuring some of my better-known characters. Would you like a little preview?
    • Chakrabatics Instructor: Open your minds, and your legs will follow.
    • Judy Brown: Guess what, Paddington.
    • Mary Brown: Why don't we all go?
    • Henry Brown: Good idea!
    • Mary Brown: Your father's a dab hand at coconut shy. Bullseye Brown they used to call him.
    • Henry Brown: Well not anymore. Coconuts are a young man's game.
    • [drinking from the teapot]
    • Paddington: H'm?
    • Judy Brown: The steam fair's coming to town.
    • Paddington: Unh!
    • Judy Brown: I'm going along tonight to write about it in my newspaper.
    • Paddington: H'm!
    • Jonathan Brown: Who's going to want to read about that?
    • Judy Brown: Everyone! They travel the world in a old steam train! I thought you'd love it!
    • Jonathan Brown: I do. Don't tell anyone, OK? Not cool.
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