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Goofs from Paddington 2

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  • When Paddington runs away from Knuckles, Spoon and Phibs at the seaplane he is wearing his red Wellington boots. In the next scene he is barefoot.
  • The second letter that Phoenix finds on the scavenger hunt is a "C", but when he is playing the notes on the organ to get to the treasure, the second letter he enters is "A" (he says "A" as he pushes the key). He should have played the "C" key.
  • All of the prison uniforms are shown pink after Paddington does the laundry because he washed them with a red sock. However, he washed the uniforms in several machines and included a red sock in only one machine--meaning most of the uniforms should not have come out pink.
  • At one point, Paddington says, "That's miles from here." Being in the U.K., he would have said "kilometers."
  • In the barber scene, Paddington drops the houseplant when he picks up the phone. Later, the houseplant disappears.
  • When the BT telephone in the red phone box rings, it rings with an American (US) ring style. The phone rings with a long ring followed by a short pause then a long ring. In the U.K. the phone would have a double ring followed by a longer pause then a double ring. That all being said, the particular BT phone in the phone box wouldn't even ring with a bell, as heard in the film, but has an electronic ringer.
  • Prisons in the U.K. do not require all prisoners to wear a uniform. The majority will wear a uniform for the first 2 weeks only, and this consists of a grey tracksuit as opposed to the striped uniforms (complete with hat) in the film.


  • The police tell the Brown family Paddington was caught "red-handed" stealing the pop-up book, and he is convicted of the crime. Yet neither during the chase or his arrest is the book ever in his possession.
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