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  • Twinkle Khanna's first film as individual producer.
  • Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar will be working together after 12 years their last film was Family Ties of Blood in 2006.
  • R Balki and Akshay Kumar will work together for the first time.
  • Based on life of Tamil Nadu-based social activist Arunachalam Muruganatham, who revolutionized the concept of menstrual hygiene in rural India by creating a low-cost sanitary napkins machine.
  • The sanitary napkin machine shown in the movie is a functional life size replica of the actual machine. Production of the replica machine for this movie was overseen by Mr Muruganantham himself.
  • Film was earlier to release on 13th April 2018.When Akshay Kumar's other film Robot 2:0 with Rajnikanth missed the release deadline of 26th January 2018.He decided to release the film on same date alongside Aiyaary.But by the time censor board gave allowed to release Padmavati and Akshay Kumar gave the 26 Jan release date to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Padmavati.Finally managed to release the film on 9th February 2018.
  • When Akshay Kumar announced the release date as 26th January 2018.It was speculated that both his film Robot 2:0 and Padman will clash at the box office on same day.But he cleared the confusion that both the both film wont clash with each other as 2:0 date has been pushed a head due to pending special effects.
  • Many celebrities from film industry promoted the film by posting their pics with sanitary pads on their networking sites.As to spread awareness among people.
  • Television actress Riva Bubber makes her debut in Hindi films by playing a small role.
  • Film is based on The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land", a short story from Twinkle Khanna's book, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad,Which is inspired from the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a Tamil Nadu-based social activist who revolutionized the concept of menstrual hygiene in rural India by creating a low-cost sanitary napkin machine.
  • only second Hindi film to be granted access to shoot the film inside the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City after Half Girlfriend in 2017.
  • Film was banned in Pakistan as they felt the content of Menstrual inappropriate.
  • When Akshay Kumar sees Sonam Kapoor's childhood pics in her house.In one of her photo frame.Her real life father Anil Kapoor's face has been cropped with actor Sunil Sinha who plays her father in the film.
  • Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor teamed up after "Thank You" (2011).
  • After Toilet Ek Prem Katha 2017.Second film of Akshay Kumar based on awareness.
  • Akshay's speech in UN was shot in one take.
  • This was the first Akshay Kumar movie that missed out on the 100 crore club since Singh Is Bling.
  • The song 'Aaj se Teri' was earlier a part of the movie 'Bareilly ki Barfi'... But later it was replaced by 'Nazm Nazm' in 'Bareilly ki Barfi' and 'Aaj se Teri' eventually became a part of 'Padman'!!
  • Part of the Movie shooting is done at Maheshwar Madhya Pradesh.
  • It was a plea towards politicians to drive their attention towards sanitary pads and making it mandatory across institutions.
  • The idea to adapt Murugan's life began in 2015 when Twinkle Khanna came across his story while doing a research for a column in The Times of India.
  • Khanna, who serves as the producer of the film, said she was drawn to the project due to its relevant yet underrated subject about menstruation and Muruganantham's determination.
  • R. Balki was Khanna's first choice to direct the film. She had previously seen Balki's work and appreciated his sensitivity in filmmaking.
  • In November 2017, Sony Pictures became the global distributor for the film.
  • Khanna thought it would be a game-changing event if Kumar, who the Indian public idolises and men look up to, wore a sanitary pad.
  • Kumar was not the first choice to play the role. Khanna thought of a few actors but she eventually handed it to Kumar after Murugan's insistence.
  • Pre-production began in March 2017.
  • Murugan worked closely with Kumar and Khanna on set in India, making sure every detail was accurate from the way he built his machine, to how to operate it, even his own posture.
  • Principal photography commenced on March 14 2017.
  • Filming moved to Delhi in April 2017.
  • After filming ended in India, the team travelled to New York City where pivotal scenes were filmmed in Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and Jazz at Lincoln Center, as well as the United Nations headquarter.
  • Third film to be shot at the United Nations Headquarters following 'Half Girlfriend' and the Hollywood film 'The Interpreter'.
  • Regarding the possible box office clash with 'Aiyaary' which was to release on the same day, Kumar denounced the tension saying that it was unlikely since both films have different subjects and themes.
  • Was released on across 3350 screens worldwide; 2750 screens in India and 600 screens overseas.
  • Being a social issue based film, the producers planned to show the film in various schools in smaller towns and cities with the aid of various ministries and the government.
  • The first trailer was released on 15 December 2017.
  • Scenes showing Kumar casually trying to wear a sanitary napkin and handing them to his sister became a trending topic.
  • A second poster was released on 25 December which shows Kumar holding cotton in his hand with words like "Fighter, Genius, Innovation, Unreal Man, No Shame, Real Problem and Passion" written all around. The Times of India called it a "unique poster".
  • Some Pakistani women protested the ban on the film by sending pictures of them holding sanitary pads to the censor board.
  • The music of the film was composed by Amit Trivedi while the lyrics were written by Kausar Munir.
  • The first track, "Aaj Se Teri", which is sung by Arijit Singh, was released on 20 December 2017.
  • The second track, "The Pad Man Song", sung by Mika Singh, was released on 25 December 2017.
  • The music of the film was officially released by Zee Music Company on 26 December 2017.
  • A young writer named Ripu Daman Jaiswal reportedly filed a complaint against Akshay Kumar and the producers for plagiarism. He shared a series of e-mails in which he shared his copy of the story which is with Dharma Productions. After the trailer came out, he had shared the screenshots and narrated the story about the e-mails sent to Ryan Stephen at Dharma Productions. He had even mentioned that he had filed an FIR but had no money for a lawyer in this scenario. He pointed out the similarities between his script and the film.
  • Akhshay Kumar appeared in common white clothes throughout the movie, his clothes changed after his success in the movie.


  • The story of the lead protagonist's machine getting award at a contest driven by IIT is actually true. However, the only difference is that it was Chennai IIT where the machine was actually awarded in reality, not at Delhi IIT.
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