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Goofs from Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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  • In the Paris sewer Mr. Peabody asks Sherman if he smells anything. Sherman says he smells methane, but methane is odorless to humans. It's not clear whether a dog could smell it but Sherman certainly wouldn't be able to smell it. Commercial methane is given a distinctive smell so that leaks are detectable by humans because the naturally occurring gas has no odor.
  • Agamemnon refers to Sherman as "Shermanus." That suffix is Latin, and the Trojan war occurred at least 300 years before the founding of Rome.
  • The sewer cover falls into the tunnel and knocks out Robespierre. Round sewer covers can't fall into the hole they cover, since the hole diameter is smaller than the cover diameter, and can't fit it - regardless of its position.
  • At the time Jackie Robinson was playing in Major League Baseball, the Brooklyn Dodgers did not have player names on the back of the team jersey.
  • When Peabody demonstrates a "pratfall," he falls forward onto his face. A pratfall is specifically a fall backwards onto the buttocks, "prat" being an old English term for that anatomy.
  • Leonardo da Vinci is shown painting Mona Lisa on canvas. Mona Lisa is a plank of poplar wood. (While other slight historical inaccuracies are clearly deliberate and played for laughs, this one appears to be unintentional.)
  • Leonardo da Vinci is referred to several times as "da Vinci". Leonardo had no surname in the modern sense and would not have been referred to in this way by his contemporaries.
  • The taser weapon is shown electrically arcing to shock its targets. Taser weapons can only shock through direct contact with the weapon or with electrodes fired from the weapon. Arcing is not seen.
  • At around one hour into the movie, showing Mr. Peabody's thoughts on how to rescue Penny Peterson, there is a spelling mistake. "'Caclulate' total rope length needed." Also, from one of the number entries, there is a missing apostrophe.
  • When Mr. Peabody is dropping Sherman to school for the first time, he reminds Sherman that "I before E, except after C". Although this is a popular saying, there are in fact more examples that break this *weird* rule rather than follow it (there are 923 words in English that contain "cie", for example).
  • Ms. Grunion keeps switching seats inside the police car while chasing Mr. Peabody, being in the driver's side or the passenger side at various different scene changes.
  • In the second "Einstein on the Beach" scene, Mrs. Peterson's cocktail has a green umbrella. But when Sherman and Penny call Mr. Peabody, Mrs. Peterson's glass has a pink umbrella in it. Then, in the shot over Sherman's shoulder, when Mr. Peabody jumps down from his chair, Mrs. Peterson's umbrella is green again.
  • Mr. Peabody commits the offense of Failure to Yield the Right of Way when the stoplight turns green. A vehicle making a left turn has to yield to oncoming traffic at a single green light.
  • Mr. Peabody says several times that he firmly opposes visiting a different part of one's own lifetime. But while fleeing from Troy, he says that he plans to change things so that their whole erstwhile problem never happened, which contradicts this policy.
  • Inside the Trojan horse, after a comment about the smell is made, Agamemnon raises his arm to show his hairy armpit. But a few seconds later, and for the rest of the movie, he is shown to have hairless armpits.
  • At the end of the movie, Einstein is seen as solving the Rubik's cube, only to realize that there is one piece out of place. This is impossible on a Cube that has not been disassembled, as the minimum number of pieces out of place on a cube is 2 pieces.
  • Early in the film Sherman says that the Leaning Tower of Pisa didn't always lean (suggesting that he caused it to lean). In fact the tower of Pisa has always leaned ever since it was built, due to an uneven settling of the foundation. The lean got progressively worse until structural modifications were put in place to reinforce it around the year 2000. It is now declared safe for at least 200 years. However, Peabody cartoons often contain deliberate inaccuracies for the sake of a gag (in the original skit he explains that they're seeing history as it "should have been"), and this in particular is a subtle reference to the Galileo skit from the original cartoons.
  • Mr. Peabody is seen playing the trombone but the sound we hear is from a trombone with a straight mute attached to it yet Mr. Peabody has no mute in the bell of his trombone.
  • The actual Mona Lisa had no eyebrows, as it was in fashion to shave them. In the movie you can see she has eyebrows.
  • The reference to the fate of a pharaoh's wife is in error. As for Tutankhamun's wife, Ankhesenamun, she survived him but quickly vanished from the historical record as did her place of burial.
  • When manipulating the Rubick's cube, Einstein is left with only one wrong square - a center square. As the central structure of the cube is a rigid six-post element that never actually moves, the opposite square should also have been the wrong color.


  • When the Sphinx is being sucked into the wormhole, the scene cuts away, cuts back to it on the ground again, cuts away one more time and then shows it as gone.
  • When Mr. Peabody and Sherman are entering the future wormhole at the end of the movie, upon reaching terminal velocity, the windshield cracks. The windshield isn't cracked in any other scene, as it should be.
  • Sherman travels back to get Mr. Peabody before they save Penny. Past-Peabody and past-Sherman eventually fuse with their present selves. But they never went back to save past-Penny.
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