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Goofs from Monster Trucks

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  • After the Sheriff's car is wrecked falling down the mountainside, the air bags have not deployed.
  • Set in North Dakota, but the characters are drilling for oil near Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Tripp is strapped into the green truck with a double shouldered seat belt harness during the mountain road chase. When the truck is riding the edge of the cliff, Tripp ends up falling out of and hanging by the open door of the truck over the long drop to canyon floor, as if the double shouldered harness was never there. Later Tripp is safely strapped back in.
  • When everyone gets in their new "monster trucks", they all put on 5-point harnesses. When Lucas Till is nearly pushed off the cliff, he isn't wearing a seat belt, and has to hang off the door to avoid falling. In the next scene, he is back in his harness.
  • When Tenneson deletes the pictures, he thinks they're gone, but Windows Phone automatically saves them to Onedrive. Even if he deleted them from the phone, the pictures are in the cloud on Microsoft's servers. All smart phones have that ability.
  • Close to the beginning, when some characters open the hood of the smashed red truck, they say it's a 6.4 litter Hemi, only thing worth saving. In the opening scene, before it's crushed the 5.7 litter badge on the side of the truck is clearly visible.
  • During the chase scene with 3 monster trucks, after they jump over the fallen tree and head up the mountain, Tripp's truck swerves back and forth, almost falling off the cliff, but he stays at the driver seat. A bad guy says "All right, kid, this is where your little joy ride ends" and hits his truck into Tripp's, which suddenly knocks Tripp from driver's seat across the truck to the passenger side. The door hangs open, and he catches it. If the truck was hit that hard, just getting knocked across into the passenger door wouldn't have been enough to open the door.
  • North Dakota rolled out a new license plate design in 2016. The film was shot in 2014, and beset by production delays.
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