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Goofs from Molly's Game

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  • During Molly's second visit to Charlie's office, her top switches between being symmetrically positioned on her body to being off the shoulder between shots.
  • When Charlie is writing on his whiteboard in his office, the three P's that prominently at the top of the board change shape between shots.
  • In the final court room scene, the camera marks for Molly and Charlie are visible under the table.
  • When Player X suggests raising the buy-in from $100K to $500K, Molly remarks that that would be a 500% increase. While that is 500% as much money, it's only a 400% increase.
  • In one of the games, the initial bet is $300,000 and the second bettor raises the bet by $200,000. In any poker game that is is not allowed. A re-raise of a bet must be at least by the minimum of the original bet. In other words, the re-raise would have have to be for at least an additional $300,000.
  • The house or in this case Molly, just can't decide to take a rake (cut of the pot) in the middle of a poker hand, especially in a game of this size. The players would revolt. Really a rake must be established with some time notice. (Usually a rake is in force before any play begins.)
  • When Molly is skiing she is shown using bindings with 120 printed on them. She later claims to use a DIN setting of 15 while a 120 binding would only go up to 12.
  • Molly's bloody nose disappears during the attack in her apartment.
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