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Goofs from Molly's Game

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  • During Molly's second visit to Charlie's office, her top goes from symmetrically positioned on her body to off the shoulder between shots.
  • When Charlie writes on his whiteboard in his office, the three P's at the top of the board change shape between shots.
  • In the final court room scene, the camera marks for Molly and Charlie are visible under the table.
  • When Player X suggests raising the buy-in from $100K to $500K, Molly remarks that that would be a 500% increase. It's 500% as much money, but only a 400% increase.
  • In one game, the initial bet is $300,000 and the second bettor raises the bet by $200,000. That wouldn't be allowed in any poker game. A re-raise must be at least as much the original bet. In this case, the minimum re-raise would have to be $300,000.
  • The house can't decide to take a rake (cut of the pot) in the middle of a poker hand. The players would revolt. A rake must be established with some advance notice. It's usually in force before any play begins.
  • When Molly is skiing, her bindings have 120 printed on them. She later claims to use a DIN setting of 15. A 120 binding would only go up to 12.
  • Molly's bloody nose disappears during the attack in her apartment.
  • In an early poker game we see Player X trying to talk another player at the table into folding his hand. Mollys narration at this point states that the player has 'the nuts', however the player does eventually fold. 'The nuts' is a term used to describe the best possible hand available at that time, that cannot possibly be beaten by any other hand. Therefore even an amateur would never fold the nuts as this player did.
  • The K2 244's that Molly was skiing were not introduced until about 2010 and the Rossignol FKS 120's were also even newer models.
  • The Dynastar Twister skis that are in the background of start tent at Deer Valley were 2015 model year graphics.
  • Molly's lawyer reads a published copy of the book Molly's Game to research her defense. In real life, the book was published after the trial was over.
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