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Trivia for Loving Vincent

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  • The world's first fully painted animation feature.
  • It took a team of over 100 professional artists to hand paint every single frame of the movie. According to the official site, the work has resulted in a total of 853 different oil paintings, as each one was used multiple times, painting subsequent frames on the top of the original ones. In the final movie there are exactly 853 different shots.
  • Each of the film's 65,000 frames is an oil painting on canvas, using the same technique as Van Gogh, created by a team of 100 painters.
  • During a masterclass at Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival, directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman revealed that if you look closely at the film, you can find a fly being stuck in the paint in one frame.
  • The concept of artistically painted animation was described in the Arthur C. Clarke novel "Childhood's End" in 1953.
  • Each frame in the movie was hand painted.
  • It was the same process of rotoscope as well as The Lord of the Rings (1978). It was filmed in live action with real actors and subsequently each frame was turned to painting animation. It's revealed in the ending credits, where can be seen casting and set filming before to be painted.
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