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Goofs from LBJ

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  • LBJ takes a large carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to bed, a product which was invented in 1978.
  • Nov. 23, 1963 was a rainy day in DC. Kennedy's Oval Office furnishings were removed in the rain. The depictions of a bright, sunny day, seen through the windows, is an error.
  • Historical quotes throughout the movie are edited to be more sensitive than the actual quotes were.
  • In different scenes when LBJ and Jackie Kennedy are together, they are nearly the same height. In scenes with LBJ and Bobby Kennedy, LBJ is just an inch or two taller than Bobby. In fact, Jackie Kennedy was 5'7" in height, while Bobby was 5'9". LBJ was 6'3" tall and he would have been much taller than them. Even JFK was 6'0" tall yet he and Lyndon are portrayed nearly as the same height in the movie. A quick glance at some historic photos, such as his swearing in with Jackie at his side, would reveal how inaccurate LBJ's height is portrayed in this movie.
  • When Richard Russell and LBJ talk at the airplane plant, LBJ places one or both hands on Russell during the conversation but the location of his hands on Russell changes from angle to angle.
  • The subject of this film as depicted on the site for the movie indicates that it is "[T]he story of U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson from his young days in West Texas to the White House." However, there's not a single scene in this movie from LBJ's younger days in West Texas. There's scenes from the Senate but nothing from his younger days in West Texas.
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