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Goofs from Lady Bird

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  • When Lady Bird's parents pull up to the curb at the airport, a United sign is visible bearing the company's current globe logo, which it inherited from its merger with Continental Airlines. The scene takes place in summer 2003, but the United/Continental merger re-branding was not completed until 2012.
  • A shot of a freeway sign in Sacramento showed an exit number. The movie takes place in 2002, which was the year California started numbering its freeway exits, but they started out on rural exits and made their way to urban areas a few years later, so no exit in a city the size of Sacramento would be numbered at this point.
  • When they were shopping at the (Sacramento) Thrift Town, the metal hangars on the racks that are shown, were not used back then, they have only been used in the last three years or so. Also the 'sale' signs with 30% and 50% off on the dressing room doors, have only been recent in the last few years. Back in 2003 there were not signs like that.
  • This movie is set in Sacramento in the early 2000s, but characters do not talk at all about the 2002 Lakers-Kings Western Conference Finals.
  • When they introduce the character Jenna Walton, she is shown next to a Range Rover. The model shown did not come out until 2004, two years into the future.
  • When Lady Bird's flight is taking off, the new Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport can be seen in the background. That terminal opened in 2011; the scene takes place in 2003.
  • The film is set in Sacramento, the capital of California, yet none of the characters claims to be related to, works for, or even (accidentally or intentionally) runs into any state senator or representative.
  • When Lady Bird first meets Kyle he is sitting on a car with a license plate that starts with a 6. A 6 was not used as a first letter on California license plates until 2007.
  • When Lady Bird and Kyle first talk, Kyle is reading "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn. The plot's supposed to happen during 2002, but this book was published in 2005.
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