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Goofs from Kubo and the Two Strings

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  • Kubo is told in his dream to "follow the setting sun" in order to find the helmet. He immediately wakes up and leads his group into the rising sun. Then the shadows indicate light is behind them, then in front again.
  • The creature labeled as a monkey is actually an ape. A monkey has a tail; an ape does not.
  • When Kubo flies upward to return home he is missing his sword. When he lands, his sword is at his side.
  • Kubo is trying to speak to his ancestors when using the lanterns. The light is behind him, yet there is also light shinning directly into his eyes from a source in front of him.


  • The title might suggest that Kubo has a shamisen with two strings, Kubo's shamisen has actually 3 strings, The two strings in the title are not the the strings on the shamisen, they are the parents. Or, life and death - there is some deliberate ambiguity as to what the two strings are.
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