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Goofs from Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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  • In the opening car chase sequence, the vehicles are shown driving on the right, as if in continental Europe, when they are supposedly close to Kingsman's tailor shop in Savile Row in London's West End.
  • At one point Ginger describes nanites as microbots. While technically true, a better description for robots in the nano-sized scale would be nanobots (or nanorobots).
  • During a scene at Statesman's Kentucky distillery, Champagne (Jeff Bridges) picks up a bottle of Tequila which quite clearly bears a UK excise duty label.
  • When Eggsy gets a FaceTime from his girlfriend, the screen on his iPhone has the green accept button, along with the red decline. Unless the phone is unlocked, the screen would have the slide to unlock screen.
  • When the two Galahads confront Poppy in the diner, there is movement of crew and camera in the chrome window surrounds in the background, even when the characters aren't moving themselves.
  • The film fails to explain how a virus would survive being burned when certain of the carrier drugs are being ingested--when smoking amphetamines or crack cocaine, for example, as one character does.
  • Eggsy goes to Glastonbury which takes place in June, but in the next scenes the Italian mountains are completely covered in fresh snow, which would be very unlikely in summer.
  • While descending on out of control the ski lift, the high speed spinning of the lift would have caused it to act as a gyroscope. Rather than swinging back and forth like it was it would have stayed in a fixed position.
  • Eggsy spins all four car wheels at high speed to move the car sideways, but the car moves to the right. When the wheels spinning forwards, the angular momentum would cause the car to move to the left.
  • When Harry gives a final salute to Merlin he uses a US Military (or UK Navy) style hand salute instead of the British (and Scottish) Army style hand salute.
  • While on the plane drinking Martinis, Eggsy and Harry take two small sips from full glasses. In the next shot the glasses are empty.
  • Harry's left eye was shot and he was given a pair of glasses with the left side darkened. But at Eggsy's wedding, Harry's glasses appear to have the right side darkened. This is because the scene shows Harry and Eggsy reflected in a mirror.
  • When out of control ski lift sequence starts, on exterior shots it is the right cabin where the sequence happens on the right track ropes, rolling on high speed when it passes over the first supporting tower from the right side. In the next exterior shots when track and hauling cables snap and onward it is the left cabin on the left track ropes on the left side of the supporting towers.
  • The type of ski lift on which the accident happens is an aerial tramway, it is a two cabin jig back system. While one is coming up, the other is going down the mountain, and they pass each other midway on the cable span. While in an accident sequence no second cabin is shown speeding up to the upper station when the characters are in another cabin heading towards lower station.
  • While ski lift accident sequence happens, after the two track ropes and single hauling rope snap this would cause the second cabin which should have been speeding up to the mountain station, also roll down on the track cables towards lower station but eventually would be stopped by the emergency brakes. The movie ignores the factual existence of the second cabin, thus making the scene technically unrealistic.
  • When Harry, Eggsy and Merlin are on the Statesman plane headed to Cambodia, Merlin reveals the suits they are to wear. Just after, Eggsy is seated in a chair wearing the light grey suit, while Harry is wearing one of the two black suits. Later, when the three are in the jungle, Harry is wearing the grey suit and Eggsy the black.
  • When flying in the Huntsman's corporate aircraft, the outside shots show a Boeing 737 (with winglets). The interior shots show a cabin much wider and higher than that of a 737.
  • On the plane the pool table is set with balls. After they go get the suits in the next room, the balls are no longer on the table even though the triangle rack is still on it.
  • The cheeseburger presented to Angel at Poppyland is a different burger to the one he actually takes a bite out of.
  • After Poppy dies, Harry enters the password and hits the "space" key after typing "VIVA", later when Eggsy enters the password and it is displayed on screen there is no "space" between the letters.
  • When Taron Egerton (Eggsy) and Mark Strong (Merlin) are at the end of the Statesman bottle of whiskey and have nearly drank it all, they notice the bottle has been marked "Distilled in Kentucky." When Merlin then makes a reference to country western music he starts to then sing the beginning lyrics to "Country Roads" written by John Denver. John Denver wrote the song "Country Roads" about the state of West Virginia and the lyrics of the song itself make several references to West Virginia, not Kentucky.
  • In the final fight in the diner, Whiskey's 6 shot revolver is fired at least 10 times without ever being reloaded.
  • In the end credit music listings, for the song "Let's Go Crazy," the writing credit reads "Written Prince Rogers Nelson." It should say "Written BY Prince Rogers Nelson."
  • If Merlin synthesized the formula and sped it up, then he knew it's molecular makeup and could just as easily have created the antidote himself.
  • After Whiskey put his bullwhip around Galahad Sr.'s neck in the diner, he took several steps toward Galahad Sr., but the bullwhip neither sagged lower nor retracted into the handle in came out of. This means it was clearly 100% CGI, and they just forgot to compensate for the movement.
  • During the opening car chase the traffic changes between going on the left hand side, the right hand side and all over the place at just about every turn.
  • Charlie's new metal arm is so strong he can throw a bowling ball through a concrete wall, but when he slams Eggsy into the ground with the same arm, Eggsy is unharmed. The minimum damage would be a broken spine.
  • Poppy takes down Kingsmen, and no other agencies, although there are dozens of others who could stop her plan.
  • The Kinsman's Doomsday Protocol involves drinking almost a full bottle of whiskey. Such emergency protocol should be way more fail-proof.
  • Eggsy, at the end during the wedding, wears a Blues uniform that has red tabs, the prerogative of a colonel or higher. Yet he wears the rank of a Lt.
  • During the opening chase sequence, Eggsy is wearing a midnight blue suit and his attacker is wearing a lighter blue hooded sweatshirt. Eggsy is shown on the floor of the car almost falling out the door and his attacker is on top. When the film moves to a distant shot, a stunts person wearing a light blue shirt is on the bottom and another stunts person wearing a dark blue shirt is on top. This scene is out of order and would work with the previous fight close up when the characters are reversed.
  • The tracking device that Eggsy plants on Clara is said to be absorbed by a mucous membrane. Eggsy is forced to resort to sexual contact for this. But there are mucous membranes in the mouth and stomach as well. Simply putting the tracker into something she would eat or drink would have done the trick.
  • Eggsy tells Harry that he knows that Kingsman agents shouldn't be in relationships, but in the first Kingsman movie, Harry teaches Eggsy in his home office that a Kingsman's name should only be in the paper 3 times: when they are born, when they get married, and when they die. Also, Eggsy's dad was married to his mom at his time of training. Why would he have been recruited if agents aren't allowed relationships?
  • About 18 minutes in, Eggsy shows up for work at KIngsman HQs in London driving his Jaguar. In England they drive on the left side of the road, not the right side. All the cars on the street are also parked in the wrong direction.
  • During a scene at Statesman's Kentucky distillery, Champagne (Jeff Bridges) takes an unwrapped cigar out of a tube and smells it. A short time later, when he asks Tequila if he is feeling alright, he points at him with the cigar that now has a plastic wrapper on it.
  • While toasting fallen comrades, Merlin and Eggsy nearly finish the bottle of fine spirits. The level of liquid has fallen well below the label. In a longer shot, the level of liquid has risen up to the label.
  • When fighting Bennie & Jet neither Kingsman think to use their hacking watches to deactivate the robots though they do use them, in the same battle, against other electronic systems.
  • When Eggsy and Merlin are getting drunk and Eggsy says," I think we are going to Kentucky." "No, proper Kentucky". Merlin starts singing John Denver's Country Roads which is about West Virginia not Kentucky.


  • The Statesmen flood Harry's room in an attempt to undo his amnesia and give him the shock that will bring his memories back. But when the water drains, the things on his desk are completely undisturbed.
  • Nobody who gets infected by Poppy's lethal weed gets taken into a medical facility (except for Tequila in the Statesman HQ). Not even the Princess of Sweden.
  • The suitcase Eggsy has in the climax is shown to have a machine gun and a rocket launcher inside. When he opens the suitcase and uses it as a shield, no weapon parts are visible.
  • In the previous movie, it's established the shocking signet ring is part of the Kingsman equipment. It would have been pretty handy for Harry against the robotic dogs, but either he doesn't have it, or forgets to use it.
  • The singing Merlin is obviously a ruse, but not a single guard at Poppy's camp recognizing this and shoot him from the distance.
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