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Goofs from Justice League

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  • Victor Stone states that the Mother Boxes were dormant until Superman died. However, previous films showed Victor becoming Cyborg (due to a fully functional Mother Box) prior to Superman's death.
  • The Gal Gadot's Sword was destroyed by David Thewlis in Wonder Woman (2017) yet the sword is intact during Justice League.
  • In the post-credits scene featuring, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), we can clearly see Lex Luthor's final words do not match up with his lip movements, indicating that those lines were re-dubbed.
  • The janitor at S.T.A.R Labs is wearing an ID badge of someone else in his first scene, and then his own in his second scene.
  • At the end of "Dawn of Justice" we see dirt rising up from Clark's casket, showing that he might be returning from the dead. In "Justice League", this scene is overlooked and ignored, as Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) had to exhume his body. After they dug the casket up, Clark's corpse is seen in the casket, indicating that he was indeed dead, and did not come back like previously suggested.
  • When Diana goes to meet Victor she pulls up in a convertible Mercedes with the top down. Once the camera angle changes the convertible top is up and remains up for the rest of the scene.
  • When Batman is driving the bat-tank and One of the flying aliens rips the cannon off of the bat-tank and starts to smash the bat-tank with it, however later when Aquaman is standing on the bat-tank the cannon is still attached.
  • At the beginning of a movie, Wonder Woman had to stop a briefcase bomb from exploding and destroying 4 city blocks. At the last possible second she threw the bomb up through a hole in the roof. The bomb then exploded, in the air, without destroying anything. She threw the bomb away from the people she was protecting, but the bomb didn't travel a minimum of 4 city blocks in the air. The bomb also didn't have any additional reactants/accelerants other than what was part of the bomb. It should have destroyed the building they were in and at least 2 city blocks more.
  • It is claimed by Cyborg that the mother box came to life after Superman was killed in the events of Batman vs Superman, however in the video that Wonder Woman watches during BvS it can be seen as reacting and creating Cyborg.
  • The janitor who was taken by the parademons had a different nametag that wasn't his when he was talking to Dr. Stone. The correct nametag appears the second time he makes an appearance.
  • In the Tunnel fight scene, before flash starts saving civilians, flash states how he is afraid. This would have attracted the Parademons since they can smell fear.
  • During Wonder Woman's rescue of the hostages in London one of the terrorists, who is clearly British, says the bomb will destroy four city blocks. The term city block is not used at all in the UK.
  • After saving the fisherman, Aquaman gets a glass of whiskey and notices green goo on his hand and glass. In the next shot, the goo is no longer on his hand nor the glass.
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