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Goofs from Justice League

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  • Victor Stone states that the Mother Boxes were dormant until Superman died. However, previous films showed Victor becoming Cyborg (due to a fully functional Mother Box) prior to Superman's death.
  • The Gal Gadot's Sword was destroyed by David Thewlis in Wonder Woman (2017) yet the sword is intact during Justice League.
  • The janitor at S.T.A.R Labs is wearing an ID badge of someone else in his first scene, and then his own in his second scene.
  • At the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) we see dirt rising up from Clark's casket, indicating his return from the dead. In this movie that scene seems to be ignored, since Clark is clearly dead when they dig him up. Evidently, the dirt is not rising because Clark is coming back to life on his own. It could be some residual effect of his powers (kind of like a human corpse twitching) or something else entirely. In any case, this scene was clearly intended to be a teaser for the sequel and nothing more.
  • When Diana goes to meet Victor she pulls up in a convertible Mercedes with the top down. Once the camera angle changes the convertible top is up and remains up for the rest of the scene.
  • When Batman is driving the bat-tank and One of the flying aliens rips the cannon off of the bat-tank and starts to smash the bat-tank with it, however later when Aquaman is standing on the bat-tank the cannon is still attached. Actually the creature tore off one the smaller machine gun barrels to destroy the other one. The bigger cannon that Aquaman is standing next to fires much heavier ammunition and was never destroyed.
  • At the beginning of a movie, Wonder Woman had to stop a briefcase bomb from exploding and destroying 4 city blocks. At the last possible second she threw the bomb up through a hole in the roof. The bomb then exploded, in the air, without destroying anything. She threw the bomb away from the people she was protecting, but the bomb didn't travel a minimum of 4 city blocks in the air. The bomb also didn't have any additional reactants/accelerants other than what was part of the bomb. It should have destroyed the building they were in and at least 2 city blocks more.
  • It is claimed by Cyborg that the mother box came to life after Superman was killed in the events of Batman vs Superman, however in the video that Wonder Woman watches during BvS it can be seen as reacting and creating Cyborg.
  • The janitor who was taken by the parademons had a different nametag that wasn't his when he was talking to Dr. Stone. The correct nametag appears the second time he makes an appearance.
  • In the Tunnel fight scene, before Flash starts saving civilians, Flash states how he is afraid. This should have attracted the parademons since they can smell fear, but given multiple civilians much closer to parademons and much more afraid than him, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that their fear was overwhelmingly stronger and completely masked Flash's fear.
  • During Wonder Woman's rescue of the hostages in London one of the terrorists, who is clearly British, says the bomb will destroy four city blocks. The term city block is not used at all in the UK.
  • After saving the fisherman, Aquaman gets a glass of whiskey and notices green goo on his hand and glass. In the next shot, the goo is no longer on his hand nor the glass.
  • Near the beginning Wonder Woman uses the 'Lasso of Hestia' to compel a man to tell the truth about who he and his compatriots are, he replies 'we're a small group of reactionary terrorists'. Terrorists don't think of themselves that way, he would have referred to his group in a more positive way. Real life terrorists tend to see themselves as, freedom fighters, patriots, warriors of God etc..
  • When the Flash goes undercover to sneak into S.T.A.R. labs, he is wearing an Air Force uniform with one stripe on his sleeve. He then hands his military I.D. card to the guard who then scans it. After scanning, the computer screen displays information indicating his pay grade is E7. An E7 in the Air Force would have six stripes on his sleeve, not one stripe. However Victor who is hacking the system to grant Barry access is still figuring out his powers and as the team are on a time limit it's so he just picked a random rank that would allow Barry to enter a top secret base.
  • When the team arrives to save Silas Stone and others, Wonder Woman's shoes change from when she jumps off the "night crawler" to when she is seen fighting Steppenwolf.
  • Flipped shot: When Cyborg tries to hack the Nightcrawler, the writings on the panels etc seem to be in reverse.
  • Near the beginning, when Wonder Woman uses the "Lasso of Hestia" to compel a man to tell the truth about who he and his compatriots are, he replies "we're a small group of reactionary terrorists". Terrorists usually think of themselves as freedom fighters, patriots, warriors of God etc., not terrorists. However, not every terrorist is a true believer, becoming a member of a terrorist group for other reasons (greed, revenge, confusion, coercion, etc.), and even true believers can feel the error of their ways deep down, not even admitting that to themselves until the Lasso compels them to.
  • The Parademons are shown to have super strength (as, for example, they ripped off parts of the Batmobile and they easily caused it severe damage), but they were attacking the Russian family's house (which has a very poor structure) for a long period of time and they couldn't even storm in.
  • When Barry and Cyborg go to Kansas they are both wearing hoodies and Barry is not wearing his speed suit. Unless Cyborg carried him, Barry could not have gotten to Kansas without a costume and with his street clothes intact.
  • When the Flash/Barry Allen is going undercover into S.T.A.R. Labs as an Air Force MP, and Cyborg/Victor Stone hacks the computer to give him clearance, he puts his date of birth as 11/06/10. This would make him 7 years old. He wouldn't quite meet the age requirement for the military if that were the case.
  • Wonder Woman's hair changes from scene to scene, as does her attire when no one has had a chance to change themselves and never leaving each other presence.
  • The TV reporter says that the fire at the Parthenon can be seen for miles. Europe uses the metric system; the reporter should have said "kilometers".
  • Bruce says to Diana: "You shut yourself down for a century", meaning from 1917-2017. Diana tells Bruce in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) that she "walked away" from Mankind a 100 years ago, meaning from 1916-2016. Wonder Woman (2017) is set in 1918. Oddly, Bruce mentions Steve Trevor, who is introduced in "Wonder Woman".
  • The CGI fails to remove completely the mustache Henry Cavill was growing for his next film (which he was not allowed to shave off) from Superman's upper lip in several shots.
  • The TV reporter identifies the Parthenon incorrectly as "the so-called Amazon shrine".
  • Bruce tells Barry that NASA uses a "silica-based quartz sand fabric" on the space shuttle "to prevent it from burning up on re-entry". LI-900, placed on the shuttle's "belly", is made of 99.9% pure silica glass fibers.
  • As Superman turns his head as he hears the cries of civilians in distress, there is a tiny yet noticeable scar on his right cheek. Superman is not human, and would not have any scars.
  • Aquaman tells The Flash: "You say a word about this, you'll meet every piranha I know." Neat trick: Piranhas are indigenous to the Amazon basin (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela), and do not live in the ocean.
  • The area code of the bank which has foreclosed on the Kent farm is "785". "785" is the area code of the north-half of Kansas, which jibes with the tag on Jonathan Kent's truck in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). However, in Lineage (2002), Smallville's zip code (67524) places the Kent farm in the "620" area code.
  • When Bruce Wayne meets Aquaman for the first time in the fishing village, you can clearly see in the first shots that Aquaman has greenish eyes with small pupils. However, when later in that scene Aquaman takes of his sweater and walks into the water (and up until he dives backward into the sea) he suddenly has blue eye with normal pupils (i.e. we see the actor's real eyes).
  • After The Flash pushes the family's truck to safety, the father, in the driver's seat, faces The Flash at an unnatural 180? angle. Not only that, his face looks as though it has been flattened against the truck's rear window.
  • The telephone number of the bank which has foreclosed on the Kent farm is (785) 045-REPO. American telephone prefixes do not begin with a zero.
  • Aquaman wears a tank top when he saves the fisherman and returns to the sea, but he is shirtless when he swims to Atlantis.
  • The doodles on the face of the man who harasses Barry at the prison sign-in were drawn with a magic marker and not with the pen Barry uses to draw the doodles.
  • When Barry tells Bruce "My special skills include... Viola", he mispronounces "viola": he says "VIE-oh-la" instead of "VEE-oh-la".


  • In the post-credits scene featuring Deathstroke, Lex Luthor's final words do not match up with his lip movements.
  • When Aquaman is seated on the Batmobile, there is nothing under him. Later, when he starts speaking his mind, everybody notices the Lasso of Truth under him and he takes it out from there.
  • When Lois and Clark return to the farmhouse, he ends up wearing his old clothes. Martha had already moved out and taken everything long before this.
  • After Superman's resurrection, the Mother Box is thrown out from the Kryptonian ship and it lands on a car. A few moments later, a Boom Tube appears on the Kryptonian ship and Wonder Woman says "Steppewolf has the Mother Box". But the Mother Box was never on the Kryptonian ship.
  • As Victor and Barry exhume Clark in the dead of night, we must assume that Bruce either did not ask for or obtain Martha Kent's permission to exhume Clark, in which case, he, Victor, and Barry should have been arrested.
  • Cyborg says the Mother Box needs to be "jump-started" in order to produce enough energy to revive Clark. Yet the Mother Box is self-sustaining, as evidenced by the fact that it "jump-started" itself in Dr. Stone's lab in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
  • Superman is not human: he would not suffer memory loss due to being revived.
  • The team arrives at the Kryptonian ship at night. It takes them minutes to revive Superman, yet when the force from being revived hurls Superman through the roof, revealing the sky, it is dawn outside.
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