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Quotes from Isle of Dogs

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    • [from trailer]
    • Jupiter: Spots, if he's alive, may very well be living even at this moment as a captive prisoner.
    • [from trailer]
    • Rex: To the North; a long rickety causeway over a noxious sludge marsh, leading to a radioactive landfill polluted by toxic chemical garbage. That's our destination. Get ready to jump.
    • Nutmeg: Will you help him, the little pilot?
    • Chief: Why should I?
    • Nutmeg: Because he's a twelve year old boy, dogs love those.
    • Rex: I used to sleep on a lamb's wool beanbag next to an electric space heater. That's my territory, I'm an *indoor* dog.
    • King: I starred in twenty-two consecutive Doggy Chow commercials. Look at me now, I couldn't land an audition.
    • Boss: I was the lead mascot for an undefeated high school baseball team. I lost all my spirit, I'm depressing.
    • Duke: I only ask for what I've always had, a balanced diet, regular grooming, and a general physical once a year.
    • Chief: You're talking like a bunch of housebroken... pets.
    • Rex: You don't understand. Uh, how could you, I mean you're a...
    • Chief: Go ahead say it. I'm a stray, yeah.
    • [Trying his first Puppy Snaps treat]
    • Chief: Hmm, salty, rich flavor, supposed to be good for my teeth. This is my new favorite food.
    • [Trying his first puppy treat]
    • Duke: I wish somebody spoke his language.
    • [Nobody's giving up around here, and you forget it. Ever!]
    • [We'll find him. Wherever he is, if he's alive, we'll find your dog]
    • King: I suppose if it worked, we'd be dead already.
    • Oracle: It may snow tonight.
    • Boss: Really? Thank you very much, wow.
    • Oracle: To whom it may concern.
    • Boss: She sees the future!
    • King: Ha! No. She understands TV.
    • Rex: Anyone in favor of kicking Chief out of the group and never speaking to him again?
    • [falling down]
    • BossDukeKingRex: Aye!
    • [repeated line]
    • Chief: I bite.
    • Chief: Don't ask me to fetch that stick.
    • Chief: We'll find him. Where ever he is, if he's alive, we'll find your dog.
    • Spots: I was the guard dog for Mayor Kobayshi's ward, but I love him, and...
    • [to Mayor Kobayashi, in Japanese]
    • Atari: You took me in, like a stray dog.
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