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Goofs from Ice Age: Collision Course

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  • The Dino Birds' wings are way too small to be able to allow them to fly but they're able to fly anyway.
  • When Scrat is in the asteroid belt the asteroids are close to each other though they are very far apart.
  • Most of the animals in the film didn't live in the same time or location.
  • When the asteroid cracks in half the acorn is on the back of it but when we see it heading for Earth it's on the side of the asteroid.
  • When Scrat is banging around the planets shortly after first leaving Earth, causing them to bounce around like balls in a game of pole, Saturn is shown to have bounced through space, off the rings, and to role into the center. This is not possible considering that the rings would first have to have a center of gravity to orbit around before they could form, and the rings are made out of small chunks of ice, would not likely be able to take the collision of a planet of that size, causing them to be scattered upon impact.
  • Llamas don't have horns! Shangri looks like a goat.


  • If the Geotopia animals are 400 years old they shouldn't have turned old, they should've turned to dust and died.
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