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Quotes from I, Tonya

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    • Tonya Harding: I mean, come on! What kind of friggin' person bashes in their friend's knee? Who would do that to a friend?
    • Tonya Harding: I was loved for a minute, then I was hated. Then I was just a punch line.
    • Tonya Harding: They got 18 months. I'll do that. Your honor. I don't have education. All I know is skating. I'm no one if I'm can't- I'm not this monster. I'm trying to do the best with what I know how to-. It's like you're giving me a life sentence. You can't do that.
    • Tonya Harding: It was like being abused all over again. Only this time it was by you. All of you. You're all my attackers too.
    • LaVona Golden: So... have you two fucked yet?
    • [to Jeff]
    • Tonya Harding: I really think that you should just kill yourself.
    • Tonya Harding: America. They want someone to love, they want someone to hate.
    • LaVona Golden: You skated like a graceless bull dyke. I was embarrassed for you.
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