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Trivia for I Can Only Imagine

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  • Dusty Johnson was an extra in this movie. This was his first extra role.
  • Dusty Johnson was an extra in this movie. It was his first extra role.
  • This is Finley's first movie role.
  • This movie was filmed in Oklahoma.
  • A young Bart rides his bike past a movie theatre that is showing Jaws 3D which starred Dennis Quaid. Dennis Quaid also stars in this movie.
  • During the opening scene set in 1985, young Bart is riding his bike through town. He passes a movie theatre showing the titles of "Jaws 3-D" and "Goonies" on the marquee. Dennis Quaid, who plays Bart's father Arthur, played the lead role of Mike Brody in "Jaws 3-D" in 1983.
  • The first part of the movie takes place in 1985. A movie house in town is showing a screening of Jaws 3. Dennis Quaid who plays Bart's abusive father also starred in this installment of the Jaws series.
  • Dennis Quaid's character was a quarterback in high school. He also played a quarterback in Any Given Sunday. If you notice the picture Bart has of his dad, it's a picture of Quaid in his #19 black jersey from Any Given Sunday.
  • Dennis Quaid's twins are extras in the diner scene. His daughter is the one that points towards Dennis Quaid's character during his health incident.
  • This movie was shot in Oklahoma City notably in Civic Center Music Hall.
  • The release date of I Can Only Imagine was 3/16. John 3:16 is one of the most widely quoted verses from the Bible, and has been called the most famous Bible verse.
  • Bart Millard himself makes a cameo appearance, at the end of the movie, as the first radio DJ to open a CD case with the new single.
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