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Gosnell: The Trial Of America's Biggest Serial Killer Movie Poster

Trivia for Gosnell: The Trial Of America's Biggest Serial Killer

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  • Kermit Barron Gosnell is a former OB/GYN who was convicted of murdering three infants who were born alive during late-term abortions. He also killed at least one female patient.
  • Social media site Facebook banned advertisements for this film on its platform in May of 2018 because it constituted as "political speech"
  • When blogger Molly Mullaney takes photos of the empty press benches in the courtroom and posts them on social media, it is a dramatization of the actions of Calkins Media columnist J. D. Mullane, a man. His posts unleashed a storm of posts, and several days later, the benches were filled with reporters.
  • Kermit Gosnell worked one day a week at a National Abortion Federation member clinic in Delaware. Gosnell had initiated the abortion resulting in the birth and subsequent murder of "Baby Boy A" at that clinic.
  • The Grand Jury testimony of a Gosnell patient who reported being smacked on the legs and told not to act like a baby was taken verbatim from an interview with one of Gosnell's real patients, a young African-American rape victim.
  • To ensure accuracy, the producers put out a call for a recording of a premature baby the same gestational age as the baby Gosnell's employees reported that they'd heard crying in the clinic.
  • The psychologist referred to as participating in the "Mothers' Day Massacre" was Harvey Karman, a high-profile advocate of legalized abortion. In 1955 he had performed an illegal abortion resulting in the woman's death. Governor Jerry Brown subsequently pardoned Karman, who promptly resumed practicing abortion and training others in the "menstrual extraction" method of early abortion that he had developed. This was how he met the members of the "Jane" illegal abortion syndicate in Chicago. Karman was so highly respected in abortion-rights circles that the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the government of Bangladesh invited him to train lay abortionists in the use of his new "super coil" second-trimester abortion method. Karman augmented the "super coils" with pieces of balsa wood while demonstrating his technique on women pregnant after being raped by soldiers. The results were disastrous, with a high rate of life-threatening complications. It was after this debacle that the "Jane" syndicate was raided and its lay abortionists jailed. They contacted Karman, who elected to forgo the slivers of balsa and use the "super coils" by themselves on the women "Jane" bused to Philadelphia. The experiment was filmed by a crew from a PBS station in New York. The footage is now considered lost.
  • One of the reasons for the delay in removing Karnamaya Mongar from the clinic after she had stopped breathing was that the back door to the building was padlocked shut and nobody could find the key. The emergency responders needed access to the back door because the narrow halls and stairs in the building made it impossible to get a gurney in and out through the front door. They eventually had to resort to bolt cutters to open the back door.
  • According to the Grand Jury Report: "Kareema Cross and Ashley Baldwin testified about a baby who we will call "Baby Boy A," born in July 2008. According to an ultrasound, the 17-year old mother was 29.4 weeks pregnant. Gosnell induced labor and sedated the mother, who delivered a baby boy. Cross saw Baby Boy A breathe and move. Gosnell dismissed Cross's observations, telling her, "it's the baby's reflexes. It's not really moving." Cross told us that the baby was 18 to 19 inches long and nearly the size of her own newborn daughter, who was six pounds, six ounces at birth. Even Gosnell commented on Baby Boy A's size, joking "this baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop." Cross testified that she saw "the doctor just slit the neck" and place the remains in a clear plastic shoebox for disposal. Employees Adrienne Moton and Ashley Baldwin also were present. All three workers were so startled by Baby Boy A's size that they each took a photograph. .... A neonatologist viewed ... the photograph of Baby Boy A. Based on his size, hairline, muscle mass, subcutaneous tissue, well-developed scrotum, and other characteristics, the neonatologist opined that the gestational age was at least 32 weeks. The Grand Jury was able to identify this baby because Kareema Cross remembered the 17-year-old mother, who came in with her great-aunt, who testified before the Grand Jury." Gosnell had started the multi-stage abortion at a National Abortion Federation clinic in Delaware, where he worked one day a week.
  • The report of the Grand Jury in the Gosnell case is nearly 300 pages long and includes Karnamay Mongar's medical documents, a photo of the padlocked back door that prevented emergency medical responders from reaching her in a timely manner, and a hospital photo of a baby stillborn between 29 and 34 gestational weeks after Gosnell started an abortion on her 14-year-old mother, along with numerous other photographs documenting the conditions at Gosnell's clinic. Multiple copies of the full report are available online.
  • Kermit Gosnell told Philadelphia Magazine writer Steve Volk that he came up with the idea of "snipping" the babies' necks after attending the National Abortion Federation's 1992 Risk Management Seminar in Dallas. There, Dr. Martin Haskell's gave his presentation on "dilation and extraction," or "D&X," a procedure dubbed "Partial Birth Abortion" or "PBA" by the pro-life movement. Haskell's technique involved the procedure described by "Dr. North" in the film - making a hole in the base of the skull with surgical scissors and vacuuming out the contents of the skull to collapse it. Volk wrote an e-book, "Gosnell's Babies," based on his interviews with Gosnell after his incarceration.
  • Set designers referenced photographs taken by law enforcement inside Gosnell's clinic and home.
  • Detective James Wood described the raid on Gosnell's clinic, including such surrealistic moments as Gosnell casually feeding his pet turtles as three different law enforcement agencies search the place, as "our entrance into 'The Twilight Zone.'"
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