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Goofs from Goodbye Christopher Robin

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  • When Christopher Robin visits London Zoo (in 1928), he watches penguins swimming past a viewing dome set into the side of their enclosure, known as Penguin Beach. This wasn't built until 2011. In the director-screenwriter DVD commentary at 0:28:24 director Simon Curtis mentions "And we cut to these shots where it's actually the real London Zoo at Regent's Park. And this window, this circular window is apparently accurate to the interwar years." An underwater, flat, circular window may have predated World War II, even though an underwater, three dimensional, spherical window did not.
  • When the Guards band is playing for Christopher Robin's birthday, they mark time out of step with the music (the first beat of the bar should be on the left foot). The apparent error probably arose in the editing stage.
  • In the station there was a poster for British Railways. BR did not exist until 1948. CR would have joined up before war ended in 1945.
  • In the scene at the station when Christoper Robin is leaving for the army, there is a map of Southern England on the wall behind them. During the war, all maps and signs were removed from public places, as these could have aided the enemy.
  • One of the players in the costume parade is identified as "Queen Elizabeth the First". At the time, she was the only Queen Elizabeth.
  • At the end of the movie, screen text says that A.A. Milne wrote the anti-war book Peace with Honour (1934), leaving the misleading impression that Milne was and remained strongly opposed to war. The movie glaringly omits the fact that he also wrote War with Honour (1940), which was largely a retraction of Peace with Honour. (Feel free to move to "Trivia" if more appropriate.)
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