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Goofs from Get Out

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  • When Chris is shaving, the razor clearly has no blades since the shaving cream is merely being smeared around his face.
  • The spittle on Chris' chin (while he's in the game-room chair) changes between shots.
  • The scene where Georgina admits to Chris that she tampered with his cellular phone, there is a piece of lint located in his hair that eventually disappears.
  • When Rose's car hits the deer, the deer is moving from left to right, so it would seem the driver's side would be damaged. However, the deer is leaping high in the air at the point of impact and hits the front passenger side, thereby causing damage on that side.
  • It may be thought that striking the deer would have caused greater damage to Rose's vehicle, but it is impossible to predict the amount of damage hitting a moving animal will do. Also, it was a glancing blow -- hard enough and at the right angle to kill the deer but not hard enough to do more damage to the car.
  • When Chris sends Rod a photo on his phone, he begins typing Rod's name into the recipient tab. However, even after several letters, his phone screen shows "no name found" in the tab. A suggested contact should have popped up right away.
  • When Rod calls Chris and it goes to voicemail, the phone rings before the voicemail kicks in. If the battery had died (as suggested on their last phone call), the phone would not ring but it would go straight to voicemail.
  • After Rose accidentally hits a deer and then stops her vehicle, the camera lens can be vaguely seen on the car.
  • Chris' phone died while on the phone with Rod, after showing him the picture of Andre. Though he never recharged it, it is implied that the Armitages did it at some point as later Rob and Rose talk through Chris' phone, that way he can later use the flash.
  • The first night at Rose's parents' house, Chris moves the stuffed lion facing outward. When he wakes up, the lion is looking towards the bed again. Later in the day, during the party, the lion is facing away from the bed again.
  • Losing to Jesse Owens in the qualifying rounds of the Olympics would not have prevented Roman Armitage from making the finals. Up to three runners from the same country can make the finals if good enough.
  • When Rod searches for information on Andre Hayworth, the second result is a page titled "How to report a missing person." However, in the close-up, the excerpt from the page shows instructions on how to feed a dog.
  • Rose is supposed to be a couple of years younger than her brother Jeremy, but in the photo and video of the family taken in front of the house when they were children, the young Jeremy is significantly shorter than the young Rose. In the DVD commentary, Jordan Peele admitted that they had not seen the two child actors standing next to each other until they were already cast and preparing to film, and he did not have the heart to fire the young boy for being too short.
  • How does Chris stuff his ears with the material he scraps from the chair when his hands and legs are not free? Isn't that action what keeps him from being hypnotized?
  • After the car hits the tree, there are no signs of an airbag deployment on either the driver or passenger side.
  • Transportation Security Officers are not federal law enforcement officers and do not drive airport patrol cars as they have no authority outside of an airport security checkpoint - they do not have arrest authority, carry no weapons, and are not permitted to use force.
  • Real bingo cards have only 1-15 under B, 16-30 under I, etc. The bingo cards in the movie have many out-of-range numbers.
  • The Lincoln MKC uses a (large) fob, not keys to lock, unlock and lift the hatchback. Remote and Push-Button Start is standard on all models. Rose only needed to have it on her person (even if it was in her purse) to start the vehicle. Even then, she had to make sure she was actually carrying the device with her, so searching pockets for it was still plausible.
  • When the Porsche pulls away from Andre, there are at least three moving shadows visible on the street (Andre along with crew).
  • When the neurosurgical operation is being performed the surgeon lift off the skull and we are looking directly onto the brain. The technique of removing a piece of bone like this is totally uncommon (but OK, this is not a "real" operation), but since the brain is covered by a thick membrane (the dura mater) is is virtually impossible to remove it at the same time as the bone. In the middle there is a tick doubling of the membrane down into the split between the two half's and there is a significant blood vessel.
  • Chris and Rose go to her parents' house in a reddish Lincoln SUV (clearly seen when they hit the deer). When Chris 'escapes' with supposedly his car, it's a white coupe (clear shots).
  • At the end of the movie, when Rod pulls up in the "TSA vehicle", while properly displaying a "DHS" license plate, the driver's door incorrectly displays the seal of the state of New York.


  • While the stuffing Chris placed in his ears might dampen the noises in the game room, they wouldn't have been drowned out. The plugs he formed were not large nor could he have inserted them deep enough into his ear channels.
  • Smoke rises. While the fire was in the basement, Rose should have still been able to smell it in her room upstairs. Only the noise of the car driving away from the home alerted her to any problems and this was between 10-15 minutes of film time from the fire starting.
  • When the neurosurgeon, Dean, prepares for surgery, he takes his sterile gloves and pulls his mask up over his face. A mask is not a sterile item, and his gloves would no longer be sterile after touching it. He then takes a scalpel from an unwrapped, cloth-lined box - something else that would not be sterile.
  • After Chris stopped choking Rose on the road and the police car drove up, he is standing up. But after Rod got out of the police car, Chris was back on his knees and then stood up again.
  • Since his hands were bound to the chair in the game room, Chris would not have been able to lift his arms up to put the cotton into his ears. However, his upper body is not restrained, which would make it quite easy for him to lean forward and place his ear close enough to his hand to insert the cotton.
  • Dean may appear to cut off Jim's scalp and throw it in the surgical container twice, but first it's the actual scalp (skin) and the second time it's the bony skull cap that he has drilled off.
  • At 1:30:00 into the film, when Chris tosses the deer head on the floor, he has a dried blood stain on his left shoulder, and one in the middle of his T-shirt (among others). In the next shot, at bottom of stairs, those stains are gone, but when he gets upstairs in the corridor and into the kitchen the stains are back, and the one on the shoulder looks like fresh blood. Also later on, when Jeremy is lying on the floor, the shoulder stain is gone again.
  • The rifle that Rose is holding is either a 7mm or a .308 CZ. Either caliber has a healthy recoil and yet Rose is neither knocked , nor wrenches her when she fires it . This is odd because she doesn't brace the weapon against her shoulder correctly meaning that she'd have both missed and be knocked down when she fired it.
  • For Missy to have hypnotized Chris, she would have had to know or suspect that he was going to get up in the middle of the night to smoke AND that he would have come back inside in a reasonably short period of time. Had he done neither, then there's no way the film could have proceeded in the manner that it did. The encounter could have been pure coincidence. She was having a late cup of tea, then spotted an unexpected opportunity to hypnotize Chris the same night. And as everybody in the house was involved in the plot anyway, she easily could have hypnotized him at any other given opportunity, too. There's no significance to the encounter for the progress of the story. Things grow even more shaky when Chris decides to sit down and chat with her instead of returning to bed. Had he not done this, again there would have had to been an opportunity presented where he was alone with Missy for her to hypnotize him. It is a matter of politeness to sit down and have a brief talk with one's host once meeting her late at night after walking around in her house.
  • Rod researched the disappearance of Andre Hayworth (the man who Chris claimed to have seen) online before he went to the police to report Chris' own disappearance. However, when he later encounters the police, he doesn't show them the picture of this missing person. Worse, despite being given a lead by another member of law enforcement (no matter how ridiculous-sounding it might be) the police do not follow up on the matter. Not doing this would open them up for both civil and criminal penalties and it would avoided if at all possible.
  • Lit candles would never be permitted in an operating room. Aside from the issue of soot contaminating the surgical site, draping, anesthetic gasses, and antiseptics are all inflammable. But Dean isn't exactly operating under state medical board regulation.
  • At the end of the movie, Rose, lying and bleeding, is reaching for the gun and another hand grabs it, but it's a lot lighter skin tone then that of Mr. Kaluuya.
  • After Chris hits Jeremy in the head with the bocce ball, Jeremy lost far too much blood to have woken up so soon, let alone been able to go upstairs and attack Chris so forcefully.
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