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Quotes from Geostorm

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    • Leonard Dekkom: How the hell did you...
    • President Andrew Palma: How? Because I'm the goddamn President of the United States of America!
    • [snaps]
    • President Andrew Palma: It's GENOCIDE
    • [snaps back]
    • Leonard Dekkom: You Call It Genocide... I Call It Pre-emptive Strike
    • Ray Dussette: Why would you build a self destruct on this space station?
    • Jake Lawson: In case this space station fell back to Earth.
    • [on Dutchboy]
    • Jake Lawson: I worked on this day in and day out, week after week, for years. What did they do? They turned it into a gun.
    • Leonard Dekkom: Ask Max, he knows. Science is all about playing God. Sometimes God doesn't play so nice.
    • Max Lawson: You know what my brother would say?
    • Leonard Dekkom: What?
    • [Max punches Dekkom]
    • Jake Lawson: Can't spend the money if there's no planet left.
    • Duncan Taylor: We'll be saving all the best bits of the planet.
    • Max Lawson: I gotta show you something. Take a look at this.
    • [watching video]
    • Jake Lawson: You remember that day dad took us fishing? He dropped his cell phone in Key Biscayne.
    • Max Lawson: Our dad never took us fishing.
    • Dana: Oh... that's sad. I'm sorry um, just not any good talking about dad issues.
    • Max Lawson: What? what? no... no no n. It's a code.
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