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Goofs from Geostorm

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  • Dubai is threatened by a tsunami. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, not the weather.
  • At the end of the Hong Kong heat/destruction sequence when Cheng Long comes to a stop, the car navigation system shows the temperatures outside cooling down. The car has Hong Kong plates and a steering wheel on the right. However, the system displays the temperature in Fahrenheit, which is not used in Hong Kong. Fahrenheit is spelled in Simplified characters. Hong Kong Chinese, and most American Chinese who left China before characters were officially simplified, use traditional Chinese characters. Car navigation systems usually include a "local" configuration, but a mix of American and mainland Chinese settings is very unlikely.
  • Ute Fassbinder is supposed to be German. The first time she can be seen she is wearing not the German flag, but the Dutch flag.
  • During the phone call at 43:57 Max Lawson and Cheng Long's phone screens are off. In the next shot, they are on.
  • When the underground pipes are melting, the temperature outside the car is 135 Fahrenheit. Iron melts at 2,800 Fahrenheit. It is possible that it is magma breaking through which would melt pipes as if they were butter. Magma displacement would also explain the crazily fast temperature peak and fall.
  • During the scene where Hong Kong is super heated; the 'deadly' temperature is shown to be 135 Fahrenheit or 57 Celsius. Hardly deadly and nowhere near capable of melting steel, exploding roads or bringing down buildings.
  • During shuttle flight to the space station, Jake Lawson leaves his seat while engines are still working, and the shuttle has zero gravity inside. According to the laws of physics, zero gravity is possible only if forces acting on shuttle are the same as those working on human body. Working engines cause force acting on shuttle. Zero gravity appears only when engines are off.
  • In the initial sequence, the satellites modify and control with missiles. When the geostorm is initiated, the satellites influence the weather using beams and energy waves of some sort, not projectiles.
  • When Max and Sarah are discussing options in their living room, Max ends a sentence with "you and me." Dana tries to correct him ("You and I.") and they tell her to shut up. In context, Max used "you and me" correctly and Dana was incorrect.
  • Hong Kong and China's unit of measure is metric. Inside the electric car during the pipe explosion, it was using Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. Only USA uses Fahrenheit.
  • The shuttle banks into a landing on the flight deck like a fighter, ignoring how objectors actually maneuver in space. On landing in the massive landing deck which is open to space, the doors close and in seconds there is full air pressure and its warm enough to walk out without protective clothing. As the characters greet each other in the background another shuttle departs (using its main engines!) without any apparent effect on the air pressure.
  • The space station has a relatively small ring section that rotates to generate artificial (centripetal) gravity, which shows that other forms of artificial gravity don't exist in the movie (as in the real world), but the bulk of the station including the hangar bays (large and visibly not part of the rotating section) somehow have gravity.
  • The weather control web is presented as a spherical mesh surrounding the earth, with the space station, also in orbit, just above it, with little if any difference in orbital velocity. That part of the mesh, probably its equatorial region, would correctly remain in orbit. The mesh's rotational speed could be offset slightly from orbital speed and the difference in forces could be compensated for by the structural strength of the mesh. However, no matter how fast the mesh was spun, its spin poles would not be held at altitude by any centripetal force and would have to be supported above the earth only by the structural rigidity of the rest of the mesh. This is far, far beyond the strengths of any materials we know of.
  • The beard of Gerard Butler increase and decrease at each scene.
  • When going to Hong Kong. The text refers to "Hong Kong, China". This is not correct since Hong Kong is it's own province, with it's own flag etc, and are never refered to China like that. It should simply say just "Hong Kong".
  • When Sarah and Max were taking the president to safety, they drive through the two secret service agents. When they show a close up view of the one falling it clearly shows him falling onto a safety mat and not the concrete he was supposed to falling onto.
  • Just after Cheng Long is hit by the car Secret Service Agent Sarah Wilson follows a vehicle down a street with the dome of The United States Capital clearly shown in the background. There are no streets off of Dupont Circle that would show The Capital building in the line of sight. The closest point would possibly be along Pennsylvanian Avenue via Washington Circle Park which is .6 miles away and that would still require looking through The White House and Executive Building Complex.
  • At the beginning of the film when the UN soldiers show up at the Afghanistan village that has been frozen, they walk about in what seems to be very comfortable temperatures and you don't even see anyone's breath in the "cold". In fact, when one soldier touches a frozen individual his hand breaks off due to it being, supposedly, so frozen it is brittle. If the temperature was still so cold that they bodies were still frozen to the point of being brittle then they soldiers walking about would at least be showing some effects as well.
  • When Jake Lawson (Gerald Butler) meets Ute Fassbinder for the first time in space, she is portrayed as being German (name & accent). On her left arm is however the Dutch flag visible, not the German. Later on in in the movie, the flag on her uniform has magically changed into a German flag.
  • In the initial sequence, the satellites are shown as modifying and controlling the weather by sending some sorts of missiles and requiring the presence of the main satellite base to provide them with more ammunition. Yet when the geostorm episode starts all satellite suddenly appear to influence the weather using beams and energy waves of some sort, not projectiles anymore, and therefore being able to influence the weather without anyone involved.
  • The Peter the Great Statue is no where near the high-rise shown in the movie.
  • The character Cheng Long is shown driving away with the car still plugged-in to a charging station. As a safety feature built-in to every electric-car, it is impossible to drive the car with the plug still attached, nor can the feature be overridden even in an emergency.
  • When Sarah is driving the cab with the president inside, the car's headlights are on but in the next scene only the day running lights are on. In the following scene the car's headlights are on again.


  • Dekkom contemplates being sworn in as President. Under the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, other than the Vice-President (per the 25th Amendment) no one in the line of succession becomes or is sworn in as President. They act as President but do not take the oath.
  • When Sarah calls out spotting a shooter,she then calls out the exit strategy.She is not the detail's lead agent and therefore would not make such a call.This was exampled when President Reagan was shot and detail lead Agent Parr made the call to go to George Washington Hospital.
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