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Quotes from Game Night

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    • Kevin: That's a strong glass table.
    • Gary: Never exclude me again.
    • Annie: I hate game night!
    • Ryan: You're like a double threat. Brains... and you're British.
    • Brooks: We can't go to the cops. The Bulgarian's got a ton of moles.
    • Annie: On his face?
    • Brooks: No, in the police department.
    • Kevin: Man, glass tables are acting weird tonight.
    • Brooks: I'm a fraud, Max. I'm not the carefree dude that wins at everything he touches. You know how I win? I cheat. I cheat at everything. I even cheated when we were kids playing Battleship.
    • Max: What?
    • Brooks: Didn't you ever wonder why I made you sit with your back to the TV? It was so I could see your ships in the reflection. I mean, I even took five grand every time we played Monopoly, before we even started playing the game. I cheated at the game of life. And at The Game of Life.
    • Max: You didn't invest in Panera?
    • Brooks: I ate at Panera.
    • Max: I think we're gonna be okay though. I got a feeling.
    • [receiving orders]
    • Val: You want us to kill them all?
    • Val: Don't even think about it, pig!
    • Gary: Can't say I care for that nomenclature.
    • [Goon gets sucked into a jet engine]
    • Annie: Yes!
    • [pause]
    • Annie: Oh no, he died!
    • Max: Very nice house, Tony Stark. Should we give our drink orders to JARVIS?
    • Brooks: I got the Tony Stark part, but then you went full nerd on me.
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