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Quotes from Ferdinand

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    • [from trailer]
    • Lupe: I can't wait to show you to the rest of the guys! They're gonna fertilize the yard.
    • Ferdinand: Let's go home guys!
    • Dos: What? No, No, No, No, No, No, I do not want to go to your house!
    • Ferdinand: Do not be a Delinquent, everything will be fine, I promise
    • Una: and how are we going to your house, ferdinand?
    • Ferdinand: I have no idea, I think we will go in a car because there are cushions for the seats. agree?
    • Cuatro: Okay!
    • Lupe: so, let's go!
    • [to Ferdinand]
    • Young Nina: Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?
    • Paco: I thought I was the good boy.
    • Lupe: Holy Beefaroni! You're ginormous!
    • [In the china shop]
    • Ferdinand: Step lightly. You're a feather. A 2,000 pound feather.
    • Una: I'm Una...
    • Dos: I'm Dos...
    • Cuatro: And I'm Cuatro.
    • Ferdinand: What happened to Tres?
    • [the hedgehogs look solemn and cross themselves]
    • Una: We do not speak of Tres.
    • Lupe: It's a dog-eat-dog, bull-fight-bull, everyone-hates-on-the-goat world.
    • [Seeing all the trash on the ground]
    • Lupe: Some people are pigs. Ooh, a sardine can!
    • [eats the can, but spits it out]
    • Lupe: That has turned.
    • Valiente: That's the way it is. Either you're a fighter, or you're meat. So long, meat.
    • [about bullfighting]
    • Ferdinand: Sure, you get to fight in a magnificent stage, but it's just another chop shop!
    • Lupe: Look at your pecs! They're like two tiny bulls inside a bull.
    • [Being hugged by Nina]
    • Lupe: Is this love? I love love.
    • [Ferdinand's father has been selected to fight in the bullring]
    • Young Ferdinand: Dad, can't I be a winner without being a fighter?
    • [digests the question thoughtfully, sighs and then looks at his son in eye, sadly understanding]
    • Ferdinand's Father: Son, I wish that could happen. But the world doesn't work like that for us.
    • [Last Lines]
    • [suddenly appearing before the other three hedgehogs, catching them by surprise]
    • Tres: Ah, it's about time we meet again.
    • [gasps; astonished]
    • Una: Tres!
    • [Una and Dos bow their heads and cross themselves]
    • [staring and stuttering]
    • Cuatro: Oh... We-We though you w-were d-d-d- OH!
    • [Cuatro faints]
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