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  • In Gru's lair, the NBC logo can be seen on the top of the Jumbotron. The newscast in the beginning is identified as MSNBC. Universal, NBC's parent company, is the studio who released this film.
  • Steve Carell describes Gru's accent as a cross between Ricardo Montalban and Bela Lugosi.
  • During the dance sequence, the DJ Minion is using a "Gru-ray Disc" player, with the same color and font style on the writing as a Blu-ray Disc player.
  • Throughout the movie, you can see Dr. Seuss' Lorax character imprinted on Margo's shirt, under her jacket.
  • WILHELM SCREAM: When Gru's mother kicks the punching bag and the karate instructor goes flying.
  • When Gru is seen entering the "Bank of Evil", the subtitle "Formerly Lehman Brothers" can be seen over the door.
  • Vector is left-handed. You can see this when he is inside of his house playing the Nintendo Wii. He uses his left hand, hinting that he is left hand dominant.
  • The soda cup that the Carnival Barker is drinking from (red with a purple stripe at the top) is based on the ones used at Walt Disney World.
  • Gru tells Miss Hattie, in Spanish, that her face is "como un burro." This means "like a donkey."
  • Directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud wrote a language for the gibberish the minions speak throughout the film. They called it "minion-ese". Each word the minions speak in the film translates into an actual word.
  • The name of the main protagonist, Gru, appears to be taken from the Russian Military Intelligence agency GRU. GRU is an acronym for Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye (roughly translates to Main Intelligent Department/Directorate), the foreign military intelligence directorate of the Russian Armed Forces. It is the largest Russian intelligence agency, six times larger than the SVR (formerly the KGB). This may hint at Gru's own origins.
  • Super Silly Fun Land is a reference to Pacific Park in Santa Monica, California. Both are built on a pier, and feature roller coasters.
  • Mr. Perkins, the boss at the Bank of Evil, has two tufts of pointy hair, possibly modeled on the "Pointy-Haired Boss" of Dilbert fame.
  • The look and body language of Gru bears more than a passing resemblance to British comic cartoon character Grimly Feendish.
  • The voice of the television character, heard at the beginning of the movie, is remarkably similar to that of Chris Pirillo, known as Lockergnome.
  • The bedtime story, "Sleepy Kittens" was made into a tie-in board book that can be purchased, although it does not include the pull out brush that was featured in the film.
  • Mr. Perkins' portrait hanged on his office wall is based on Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' "Napoléon Bonaparte on his Imperial Throne".
  • In his application to adopt the girls, Gru's first name is given as Felonious.
  • The girls undercharge Vector when they deliver his cookies. Based on the clipboard Margo is holding when they pay him the initial visit, the prices of each of the box of cookies is thus: Coconutties - six dollars, Choco Swirlies - six dollars, Minty Mints - six dollars. Vector ordered four Minty Mints, fifteen Coconutties, two Toffee Totes, and two Caramel Clumps. The Minty Mints and Coconutties alone would cost one hundred fourteen dollars, plus the cost of the Toffee Totes and Caramel Clumps, means that the girls charge of only fifty-two dollars, was way below what it should have been.
  • The film was animated in the French studio Mac Guff in Paris, and although a U.S. production, it was written and directed by Spaniards and Frenchmen, making Despicable Me (2010) a very cross-cultural production.
  • Originally, the minions were supposed to be more like henchmen (human-like), but the studio didn't have the money for that. That's why they're all so short.
  • The producers only wanted comedic improvisational actors in the cast, (for example, Steve Carell, Russell Brand, et cetera).
  • Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud did the voices of the minions which is why they sound French and English at the same time.
  • Will Arnett gained weight for the role of Mr. Perkins, because since he's playing a large, heavy-set man, he thought it would improve his voicework.
  • Argentinian film Producer Axel Kuschevatzky dubbed Mr. Perkins for the Latin American Spanish speaking prints of the movie.
  • The price of the unicorn toy that the minions get for Agnes is $1.98.
  • One of the pictures hanging on the walls of Gru's house (it can be seen when the three girls first enter the house, next to the front door to the left), is a "Wanted" poster for the capture of Jesse James, a notorious Wild West gunman and bandit.
  • In the Gru family tree, you can see Gru's mother's name is Marlina, and his father's name is Robert.
  • Gru's profile resembles an Emperor Penguin, which is appropriate, because the male Emperor Penguin is the one that cares for its young.
  • A possible reason for the origin of Gru's name is that the French word "la grue" means a crane. Gru's legs are long and thin, and resemble those of a giant crane.
  • Gru's date of birth is 9-28-1960, as shown in the state adoption file on the computer. This makes him of about nine years old when the Apollo 11 moon landing happened.
  • In the scene where Gru enters the bank, there is a board inside the reception counter which spells "we are always alert to all your needs" while the receptionist is shown as sleeping.
  • In the beginning, the model plane that the little boy (Justin) is holding is an F-16 Falcon.
  • Gru's date of birth is 9-28-1960, as shown in the state adoption file on the computer. But the information that the minions enter into the computer, says that Gru had received a Nobel prize in 1952.
  • When Gru first comes home in the beginning of the movie, the television is on, and the talk show host is interviewing a guest who appears to be Sia, which can be determined by her blond hair with bangs covering her eyes.
  • The manufacturer name plate on the DJ turntable mixer is MINIONMIX.
  • Gru's right-hand man is Dr. Nefario. The word "nefarious" means extremely wicked or villainous.
  • In the last scene, the DJ's table has the "Blu-ray Disk" logo on it, but it says "Gru-ray Disk".
  • The original title was "Evil Me".
  • When Vector is seen playing video games on the Wii, he holds the controller in his left hand, indicating that he is left-handed. This may be a subtle reference to his villainous nature, because another word describing left-handedness is the word "sinister".
  • Illumination's 1st feature film.
  • In the Latin American dub, Vector was voiced by Mexican singer Aleks Syntek.
  • Universal's first fully animated theatrical film to be rated PG by the MPAA.
  • For those who are really into details: Gru's first name is Felonius. His parents were Marlena and Robert. His fraternal grandparents were Joesph and Helen. Through them, he has and uncle Jeffrey and a step-uncle Steven (a jungle explorer) from his grandmother's previous marriage. He also has a great-uncle named John. His maternal grandparents were Henry and Madeline. Henry had a brother Helmut, who was married to Jane. They had a son known only as convict 3619. His great-grandparents on his father's side were Able and Antoinette. His great-uncle Henry's parents were a Gypsy named Yolanda, and Marcel, who was a werewolf. Yolanda's parents were Art and Lucy. His great-grandmother's parents were Elixabeth, and a soldier named Oliver. Oliver has a daughter, Little Pony, and a son named Charles. Oliver had a cousin named Willian (a mad scientist), whose parents were Mareva (a Pacific Islander), and a one-eyed sea Captain named Ron. Gru's greatgrandparents on his grandfather's side were Mathid and Francois. Prancois' parents were Charlotte and Leopolde, Mathid's parents were Sara and a mountain man named Jack. There you have it: all six generations. (Taken from the family tree chart on the wall in the hallway near the girls' bedroom.)
  • To make Elsie Fisher laugh during recordings, her dad would sometimes sneak up behind her and tickle her.
  • When the Minions go to the store to get the replacement toy, there is a scene in which the "baby" shakes up a bottle of soda, puts it in his mouth, hilarity ensues. On the shelf behind him, the labels on the bottles read, "POP (then in much smaller letters) soda," and the word "POP" is arranged to make the cheeky joke of creating the word "POOP." One can assume this must be intentional, as the word "pop," which is necessary for the joke, is used pretty exclusively in a small part of the upper Midwest.
  • The roller coaster, the girls and Gru ride at the amusement park, looks like the Sandworm from Beetlejuice (1988).
  • Kristen Wiig, voice of Lucy in Despicable Me 2 plays a small role in the first Despicable Me, who is the woman in charge of the girls while in the orphanage.
  • When the girls first get adopted by Gru, Edith says, "when we got adopted by a bald guy, I thought it would be more like Annie." This is ironic because Dana Gaier, who voices Edith, played the role of Annie in her school's 8th grade production of 'Annie.'
  • When Gru is telling the girls the rules and gives number three, he uses a hand gesture which is correct sign language for that number. Most people use other fingers, indicating Gru knows some sign language.
  • When Gru first walks into his house after getting coffee in the very beginning of the movie, his TV is on. It appears to be an interview with Sia, which is weird because she didn't get popular until 2014.
  • This is the first film Illumination made.


  • While Gru is floating in space, while orbiting the moon, we see that the number on Gru's "Swan Lake" ticket is 072069 - July 20, 1969 is the date of first moon landing, which Gru is seen watching in flashbacks.
  • After the girls' bedroom has transformed into a more comforting place, the camera angle allows the audience to see some famous paintings that Gru has stolen. Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" hangs on the wall, and Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" can be seen leaning up against the wall on the floor.
  • May 26, the day around which the entire film revolves - it's the day of the girls' dance recital, the capture of the moon, and the big chase to rescue the girls from Vector which leads to Gru and the girls becoming a family - is the birthday of Steve Carell's daughter, Annie. Elisabeth Anne Carell, who was Steve and wife Nancy's first child, was born Saturday, May 26, 2001. He said in 2008: "When Elisabeth Anne was born six years ago, something inside me just snapped and my perspective on what was important changed overnight."
  • At the end, when the Minions are cheering, you can see in the right corner of the screen two Minions are hand-shaking, and then they kiss.
  • There is a nod to a scene from The Godfather (1972). The morning after Gru has "given" the girls back to Miss Hattie. He reveals the playdoll hairdresser head and begins to scream and gesture in the same manner when a bloody horse head is discovered in the sheets.
  • The scene where Nefario flies after Vector's ship to rescue Gru and the girls, when he says "there he is", appears to be a nod to Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980), when Lando Calrisian flies the Millenium Falcon up under Cloud City to rescue Luke, and also says "there he is". In both scenes, someone is hanging precariously, and they are surrounded by clouds with a low sunset type of lighting.
  • You can see the Great Pyramid of Giza that Vector stole behind his house. It's painted blue, with white clouds on it, so as to blend in with the sky.
  • Gru shares some characteristic features with the DreamWorks character "Megamind". Both are introduced as villains, and end up being the hero of their respective movies, both have great intellect they use to create high tech weapons and gadgets, and while Gru has an army of Minions at hand, Megamind's most trustworthy and loyal ally, is a talking fish in a robotic body, called "Minion".
  • Dr Nefario Shares the Character Aunt Sarah from Walt Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" (1955) for who is doesn't like everything then Dogs and the other is girls, both they giving up One she sends the Tramp for a Dog Catcher for attacking the Baby, He Orders Gru for send the Girls back to Miss Hattie's for becoming a Major Destruction during Gru's Mission to Stealing the Moon and tell him for he did it for his own good, After something straight was a Rat for Aunt Sarah after Lady she's tell somebody for there's a Rat in the Baby's Room and Screamed by Aunt Sarah, for Nefario was Shrink-Ray after one of the Minions grow into it's normal size after Gru did it during he show it to Mr Perkins, Both Redeemed themself in the End.
  • When Gru is firing at Vector after Vector steals the shrink ray from Gru, Gru uses laser bullets from star wars.
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