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Death Wish Movie Poster

Quotes from Death Wish

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    • [from trailer]
    • Punk Leader: Who are you?
    • Paul Kersey: Your last customer.
    • [Paul shoots the punk leader]
    • Detective Leonore Jackson: Are you satisfied?
    • Detective Kevin Raines: No.
    • [Raines grabs a slice of pizza]
    • Detective Kevin Raines: Now I'm satisfied.
    • Paul Kersey: So there's nothing that I can do. Is that what you're saying?
    • Detective Kevin Raines: You can have faith.
    • [Paul looks at the bulletin board of unsolved murder cases]
    • Paul Kersey: How did faith work out for those people?
    • Joe: You're not gonna kill me.
    • Paul Kersey: No, Jack is.
    • [Paul yanks the chain pulling the jack out from under the car, falling on Joe's head]
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