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Trivia for Daddy's Home 2

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  • It's been rumored that WWE superstar John Cena will be the main antagonist and the movie will take place where the first one left off.
  • Mel Gibson played Mark Wahlberg's father. Gibson was only fifteen years older than Wahlberg.
  • Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson had each acted alongside Diego Luna.
  • This was the second time John Lithgow played a character's father with the last name of Whitaker, after Jerome Whitaker (Barney's father) on How I Met Your Mother (2005).
  • The trailer for the movie was screened in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio, although it was shot in 1.85:1 like its predecessor.
  • Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow each did voice work at DreamWorks Animation, with Ferrell in Megamind (2010) as the title character, Gibson in Chicken Run (2000) as Rocky the Rhode Island Red, and Lithgow in Shrek (2001) as Lord Farquad.
  • John Lithgow played another character named Don, in the television adaption of Don Quixote (2000). He also played Donald in Interstellar (2014).
  • When the power goes out during the screening of "Missile Tow," the theater usher, who interrupts the film, has The Fighter (2010) on his name badge as his favorite film, another Mark Wahlberg movie.
  • Chevy Chase and Robert De Niro were considered for the role of the two dads.
  • The part with the thermostat also happened in Family Guy (1998) season one, episode one, "Death Has a Shadow."
  • When Mark Wahlberg's character is throwing a snowball, the music from The Departed (2006) is playing. Wahlberg was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Departed (2006).
  • Will Ferrell and John Lithgow were previously in the movie The Campaign (2012).
  • Mel Gibson tells everybody that "Tell the world it's Christmas time" is Mark Wahlberg's favorite carol and Wahlberg says it was his favorite when he was a kid. That was a nod to New Kids on the Block who originally sang the song. Mark's brother Donnie Wahlberg was part of the group.
  • There is an extra post-credits scene.
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