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Daddy's Home 2 Movie Poster

Goofs from Daddy's Home 2

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  • When Brad hands Dusty the cocoa, it's in a disposable cup. In the following scene, the cocoa is in a stainless reusable tumbler.
  • El Padre's shoulder wound changes to a wound on the upper arm once at the hospital.
  • When the family is arriving at the holiday house, you see Karen walk through the front entrance twice.
  • One of the kids tells Santa that they want "a shotgun with lots of bullets." Shotguns use shells, not bullets ; but a small child would not be expected to know the correct term for shotgun ammunition.
  • Neither of the cars on the way to the Airbnb is carrying baby Griffin.
  • the volume of eggnog in the bowl changes from one shot to the next.
  • Shotguns are not equipped with scopes as depicted in this movie.
  • When Adrianna fires the shotgun, she holds it with the stock under her arm instead of resting against her shoulder. Firing it this way would cause severe injury.
  • When Don first meets Kurt, Don mentions Kurt flew three missions on the Endeavour in 1994. This is not possible as the Endeavour space shuttle flew only two missions that year.
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